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I have been a user of intense debate for a few months now, although I don't yet have it installed on my blog. The actual main reason was that I have the commentluv plugin and wanted to give a little link love back to my posters. This is great that Andy is almost finished integrating the two. Once it is tested and approved I will be downloading it on my site. I actually found your site through Andy's email about almost having the integration done. Thanks for testing it out for the rest of us. It appears that it is working well.
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Great post. I recently found openoffice.org when I needed to do a PP presentation and realized that powerpoint was on my old laptop and my new laptop only had word and excel. Since I couldn't find the office install disc and didn't feel like paying 100+ for a software that I already bought, I did a google search and found open office. It did everything I needed it to do and then some. I couldn't believe it was free. Talk about saving hundreds of dollars to the full MS office alternative. It was great. In fact I did the movie on my website with open office.

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I have never had success with sending out emails. With all of the spam filters and other problems out there. Plus all it takes is one person crying spam sometimes to get you in trouble with your ISP. Even if they opted into your list. I know there is value in it I just got away from it a few years ago and sort of had a bad taste in my mouth about it ever since.

I would say about half of the newsletters that I subscribe to actually get kicked into my spam box. While I can go and get them out and whitelist them, I don't think the average user ever even checks their spam folders.

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Hey Ryan,

Yes, that Netbook from HP is very cool. My wife's laptop clunked out last week. We were at the Verizon store and I saw the HP netbook with their built in wireless cards. We already pay for their wireless service and were eligible for an upgrade so I picked up the netbook for $199 with a $100 dollar mail in rebate. I couldn't believe I actually walked out of the store with a great little computer for her for only 99 bucks. It is amazing how inexpensive you can be up and running these days.

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I think the problem is the assumption that we need to keep spending to be prosperous. At some point we switched from a production nation into a consumption nation. I fear that will be our eventual downfall if we do not change. The government telling us to keep spending for the good of the nation would be like you advising someone drowning in debt to apply for more cards and keep buying stuff. It is insane. We need to stop buying junk and start figuring out what we can produce and export or produce and sell domestically.

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I think Pam nailed it, willful ignorance. Sure there was a ligit side to his business but we are talking billions of dollars of ill gotten gains. If she didn't know she at least had so have some suspicions and just never voiced them. You would think after so many years, Madoff would have to have told someone about it.

Playing Devils Advocate for a second. Madoff probably looked at social security and Medicare and thought to himself, hey, must not be illegal if the government is doing it. No?