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Until they start practicing corporate law to get the foot in the door... which we were sold out to be the imaginary heroes who freed the slaves,act of 1871.... GIVING OUR COUNTRY BACK TO THE CROWN!!!!! WitH our birth certificates and licenses as collateral.. We are just assets of a corporation...unless we can't work. It's time to overwhelm the system with our FREE people...not citizen, by just QUITTING playing their game!! BUT!!! It will take MILLIONS & MILLIONS of us to just grow a pair and quit their programs!!!!!!!! QUIT!!! PERIOD!!!!!! THEN!!! WE switch back to COMMON, NATURAL LAW!!! Not statutes or codes wrtten outside the Constitution and enforced at the barrel of many guns and weapons WE paid for....FOR THEM TO USE AGAINST US!!!!!

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When I throw the truth out there like that.....folks call me uninformed and crazy. BUT!! Unfortunately you are correct, and the vast majority, not putting them down or being better than, or smarter than they. We've already dodged a few serious bullets over the past year, by the grace of God. October, 2013 was pretty close.

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Casinos are why I'll NEVER vote for John Cornyn. Last thing he did while A.G. of Texas, and before running for senate, was shut down the Alabama Coushatta casino here in my area.So much good it did in it's short existence. He displayed himself in an absolute irreverent manner! I was here with the hundreds of Alabama Coushatta friends to show disrespect when his multi-million dollar bus and "detail" rolled through Livingston Texas. Just another service to self politician, who'll spend tens of millions on a couple hundred thousand dollar job... HA!! Go figure. Cruz is a much better "SENATOR",...... but it needs a wax job and tune up. Definitely not eligible for POTUS. Why can't people just accept it and move on?!

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Yep! If one thinks it through, the loyalty to the very young sponge!!!! Comes from observing their father. Not words!!! Quite the contrary in fact is TRUE!!! Observing the FATHER..... AND mother, from birth on up til' double digits in age....... IS the most relevant of times(of which the magician in the office right now is a DEMONICALLY ORCHESTRATED world stage). I could say irrelevant of exact location the little person came out...... BECAUSE!!!!! When I hit the cold air in Longview,Texas..... I didn't have a choice whether or not I wanted to sign on to slavery via a birth certificate owned by the "CROWN" as an asset and collateral against the debts imposed by the tyrant who made a war against family members...who some call a hero. The act of 1871 simply made a corporation of what Franklin dared us to keep a republic...... TURNING us all back under subjects of the queen. As collateral to the Red Shields(Rothschilds) of course.

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We have, and ARE, entering a phase of American history which will be defined by ..... "Get off your assers. OR, sit behind your screeners." ....... One thing that should be obvious to even the most ignorant? NO MORE CNN on selective outlets. ..... Another!!! Even though Monsanto has temporarily stopped GMO, poison labeling with their many deceitful and payouts to the sell outs in a bureaucracy . QUIT BUYING THE DEADLY stuff on your own. !! Vote with your purchases.... even though NATIONAL elections are easier to rig. GET TOTAL CONTROL of "YOUR" local government! VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT at local.!!!!

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Many have ALREADY died due to Obamacare.

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Look at it this way for a minute. The satanic cabal are operating openly and hastily now for the first time in history with their genocide and deception. This means one thing. "THEY" know for a fact that the scales are falling from the eyes of the 7+ billion..... compared to approximately 1000, give or take, head of the serpent. These congress rats all have been compromised to the max, one way or the other. Most important is for all of us to go to our God, ignite the positive time line through prayer, meditation, or whatever you do. They have used organized "BLACK" religious spiritual rites and covens to work their most reprobate actions with real results. We simply have to override them with the good, love, or Christ consciousness.... Whatever your belief is, 1st Amendment, as long as it's love and good.

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Queen Elizabeth is a usurper too. The REAL heir is living in the out back of Australia endorsing representative government. the so called Windsors are blood suckers from Transalvania. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5fIwLo1Trs

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If that's the definition of scum... Count me in!

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This whole ordeal is still going on because every single judge, congressperson, or person with the ability to just step in and arrest this , known by everyone with a lick of sense are SCARED to do their job! They think they're gonna' get a retirement! HA- HA!! There will be no retirement! this idiot has already stole it! Since they're ALL guilty of something.... They might as well blow the gasket off of this. I bet ya' those old bazterdz from way back when would've taken that young man out back in the alley somewhere and fixed this ridiculous, drawn out crud, real quick.