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Rich Jews are generally ashamed of their wealth and status. My guess is that with all the talk about Jews controlling the world they feel that people resent their success. The closer a Jew is to the middle class, the less likely he or she will be to embrace liberalism.

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amazing post
Agree with every word

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I would say to that legitimate critique that to most American Jews today, their liberalism is more important to them than their Jewishness; indeed, because American liberals equate being a Jew with being an Israeli, most liberal American Jews are painfully embarrassed by their Jewishness.
A great example of this is Jon Stewart who sits each night with baited breath waiting for someone to breath the word 'Jew' in his immediate vicinity so that he can lecture and reassure his audience that he married a Catholic and celebrates Christmas.

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Not only that
Even conservative American leaders seem to take as a given that any eventual palestinian state (how many arab states is that now? 58?) shall be ethnically cleansed of any remaining Jews while the diminished Israeli state is expected to absorb an additional million-plus arabs!
Where does this illogical, unbalanced and bigoted mental framework come from?

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code pink's criticism of Israel as an apartheid state is all the more laughable when coupled with the organization's silence on arab apartheid.
What arab country would allow for Jews to make up over a 1/5 of its population? Naturally, in Israel no one even comments on this as the fundamentally fair-minded Israelis have no problem with the 1.6 million arabs living in the Jewish homeland (receiving full benefits, free education, free healthcare and subsidies).
On the other hand we have the so-called 'moderate' palestinian authority that has made selling land to Jews a crime punishable by death. What does code pink have to say on this matter? Why are we, as American tax payers, subsidizing arab apartheid against Jews?

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Liberals hate Jews; this is nothing new. Prominent liberals who bare this mark of shame and examples of their Jew-hatred are sprinkled across our collective memories:
Al Sharpton, Adolf Hitler, Farrakhan, Hugo Chavez, Jimmy Carter and other such luminaries of our times.
Criticism of Israel is legitimate and I have made such criticism myself (their last prime minister before Bibi was crap) but comparing Israel to apartheid ANYTHING goes beyond unfair. It's simply nonsensical to anyone who has visited Israel.

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Nice use of trollface meme
Dana is down with the internets culture

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God speed John.
Put up some pics of your new digs.

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Holy damn I want to vote for this woman!!!

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I figured that she had done something worthy of mention so I checked out the article but being a spoiled liberal hardly stands out in Hollywood and it certainly isn't worth the server space ANOTHER "I hate gwyneth" harangue takes up.