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The problem is that the Thrilla from Wasilla has become a mite unseemly. Appearing at national events loaded to her bumpit on high end crank is considered bad form amongst the right wing terror elite. You are supposed to indulge your drug addictions and sexual perversions silently.

Pass the meth please. And have you guys seen my billy goat? Where'd he run off to?

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Looking good with them fake ass titties and all that hate.

But she's a picky hitchiker cause she's waiting for an NBA team bus.

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I am on my knees praying that Jeebus shows up just about the time they are passing the hat for the eighth time and shoots some fucking lightning out of his eyeballs at these cumstains.

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Think of all the piss in these idiots gene pool

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Meanwhile, the soon to be ruling party passed a bill that declares because PI was "too hard to figure" at 3.14, they changed it to 3. Plus they have decided to burn Elizabeth Warren as a witch in the Rotunda as part of their Merry CHRISTmas celebration.

Also Bamz is apparently still a Negro so Bengazi!

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I'm working on a new comic book called Ted Cruz in the Arms of ISIS.

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I wuz hypnotized. What did she blather about?

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Read the recipe...what happens to the onion paste? Where do u use it?

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Will Christie be donating all his excess weight loss skin to the poor to make lean to's for shelter or what not? Or will he craft a comforter for his prison bed?

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So Bristol is demonstrably slutty and can throw a punch? I think I'm in love.

I'm gonna start stalking her as part of my new performance art piece "Banging the Trash."