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Watching Boulderites discuss racism is like watching an all male senate committee discuss abortion. These are actual quotes, from actual victims of micro-aggression on campus. It's troubling to see? Trying living with this atmosphere constantly around you. It further demonstrates the privilege many in community assume when they declare they are allowed to determine the time, place, forum, and method to discuss their own oppressive nature. If students, or anyone in the community, feels the statements quoted in these posters are not acceptable, they should speak out however and wherever they want.

For what it's worth, this was posted by a white male fraternity member who, despite this post, is trying daily to talk less and listen more. People in the community are having conversations about successful inclusion and diversity. I wish more people would listen to what they have to say.

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Nope, no urban sprawl here. Boulder did have a hand in helping sprawl Boulder County via Louisville, Broomfield, Lafayette, Erie, Loveland, and Longmont though.

60k incommute SOV trips per day in a town of 100k residents? That's the very definition of sprawl.

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Here's the problem. Residents vote, students do not. Residents are friends with city council members, students are not. Residents are represented up and down the City of Boulder's work plans, students are not.

This trend won't be changing any time soon, and the powers that be would prefer it stay this way.

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Sadly, every college town in America has older residents who hate students as much as Boulder does. This is not a case of Boulder's exceptionalism, despite what we might think.

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this is an understandably self-serving perspective, and completely naive. since we don't have county license plate control booths up on 36 and 93 yet, Boulder is going to keep attracting people. You like living here right? Being a free country, other people are going to want to live here too. Remember all those "best of" rankings boulderites brag about?

Since people are going to move here (even if it's just the 1%), wouldn't it be wise to plan for the growth in the appropriate areas, instead of "shutting off" your part of town? The thought that you can keep people from 'taking up space in your city or neighborhood' is a measure of the assumed privilege Boulder has become famous for.

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I think everyone in Boulder wants it built on campus, except CU.

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"we use more healthcare than other states"... such a shame that for all the bickering among leeching and who's paying for who, we still can't get to the collective logic of realizing that the sheer defining characteristic of INSURANCE is having corporations mitigate their risk and have the healthy pay more than their cost to cover the sick. Its not even about states. I've used 0 medical services this year, and I'm still forced to pay.

Insurance in its current form has been corrupted and will ALWAYS favor the insurer or the corporation. The ACA only enables it further, as its cost controls are totally ineffective regardless of the state you're in. Anyone bragging about "only a 6% increase next year" when cost of living isn't even 3% has lost their minds.

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compassion would be welcoming 5 times the per capita amount of homeless people. thanks for taking a statistic totally unrelated to your own actions and claiming some sort of virtue from it. This is precisely the problem.

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How dare those not making $80k a year use public space. Nice code-switch as well folks, 'vagrants' sounds so much easier to vilify than 'homeless'. I could think of better uses of $6 million in sales tax money, don't get me wrong, but the privilege and contempt for human life on display in this "liberal" city is terribly disheartening.

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While not blaming or judging anyone, the fact is my father left when I was 12, and we haven't spoken in nearly 20 years. This doesn't make me a less-complete person, and I will not blame this fact for any success or failures I have in relationships.