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Moment I heard and saw the song/video style - instantly realized it was a crossover with a Visual Novel opening . . !

Original (WARNING: Anime Ecchi) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnFldpRbwDM

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Unrelated sorta -
Absolutely love yours and the whole Proof of Concept team's works by the way, visually amazing and it's the most awesome for a non-story of anything, makes me really wish I could get an ITG machine just for those charts ('til then, keyboarding for half the fun)

(Also wish I knew someone that can keep up with the charts to play the couple charts with . . . !)

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My sprite collection wasn't really meant to be designed towards Enterbrain's art style - I wanted to keep it show-style for when I made it for others to use, because I find it better not to promote usage of the RTP set if I could. I'm personally hoping someone out there would make a MLP tileset to go along with it, I had plans for it, but I'm just no good with tilesets and I kinda gave up on the scheme of spriting anyways.

(They don't look as bad with RTP if people tried the version where I included shadows under the ponies, helps give them depth that way, but everyone who's used my sprites seems to neglect that/not notice that it was provided *shrugs*)

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Heh, it's nice seeing the BronyCon art of mines there but yea, kinda late there xD The offer was for Valentine's Day only.

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Yay a released MLP RPG that used my pony char. sheets :D (Is dA user DShou)

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. . . what took so long!? I've been waiting for a Derpy x Cirno's Perfect Math Class for like, over half a year now!!! So Awesome~

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Pony logic is one thing, but wait 'til I adapt Touhou logic into my drawings later! - thanks for putting my drawing as header!

I really like the second one~ What with being an electro and Fluttershy fan and all, the PMV addition makes it both hilarious and awesome too xD

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(Drew #8)

Found a few more other dA's to follow again! Wuu!

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Scootaloo song.
Luna song.
Octavia and Vinyl song.
Mayor Mare song.

No wait, Screwball! Daring Do! GUMMY!!

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No Trixie.

-Stares at #32-

So much art! Download spree wuu!