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Knife crime and county lines require gang organisation which is not, of itself illegal. It should be possible to keep tabs on the members of these gangs and if one member does something noticeable police raid the houses of other gang members, particularly the bosses, for information and evidence. They don't actually have to find anything to cause suitable disruption anyway. But I bet they do.

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Spot on I'm afraid. In 1978 the Labour government set up a review to decide how much money the NHS needed, the answer was if all the GDP of the country was spent on nothing else but the NHS it wouldn't be enough, because, it was added, it was free. We have the only free health service in the developed world it is a financial accident waiting to happen all the time, in the mean time we can only shovel money down what is a black hole. But worse, in order to just about keeping it going day to day money has had to be used which should have been spent on infrastucture, modernisation, housing and research.

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An important point. It won't be long before criticising Islamic terrorists gets lawyers trying to invoke Islamic blasphemy laws. Looks like a nice little earner for the legal profession.

Should we not make too much of this? The Conservative party is the government which is using considerable security effort to deal with Islamic supporters attacking the country, to convert that that to Islamophobia is not only dishonest it may be a way of helping terrorists. After all we do not have problem of Jewish terrorism so trying to link antisemitism to islamophobia makes one wonder of the motives of some people discussing this subject.

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I'm not sure if Nazir Ali has in mind the fact that it appears a lot of (northern) people voted leave whilst accepting to some extent or other the scaremongering about the effects of Brexit. I don't believe they carefully reviewed project fear and didn't just agree, it seems they were prepared to trade some reductions in personal finances for greater control and, hence, presumed better moral community life. Worth a thought for Boris.

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Just to point out that Blair, and Bush, in Iraq were not agreed by the UN but Cameron in Libya was. Presumably there has to be some way of defining criminality.

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I suspect Sturgeon got carried away with the poll suggesting she would get 55 MPs and can't back down. Demanding referendums and/or independence is just a way of attention seeking from England, that I won't happen just encourages her as a way to get attention.

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Absolutely, for years we've never been to our high street, but, boy, we've been to shopping centres and supermarkets.

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So what short term unpopularity actions should be taken for what long term gain?

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The problem is poverty is a statistical definition which means it doesn't matter how well off we all are a large number would still be classified as in poverty.

I'm not sure money is what Oz wants. It's helicopters and planes to cascade water.

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A good point, living in your “community” imagining you are the underdogs can be more agreeable than the bother of learning and getting on the jobs ladder. In fact, trying to do so can be seen as downright “antisocial”.