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It might be well written but it’s pure tosh when it comes to facts. The “increases”are mostly due to inflation being added, the magical £100bil to the extent it represents facts, it relates to expenditure in the north to exploit the arrival of HS2. As usual we get the childish misinformation which limits the line just to Birmingham but includes costs to Manchester/Leeds. The writer doesn’t seem have ny idea what’s she talking about - er to put it nicely.

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Talk like this has got us called the nasty party, I note you have not attempted to find a way of cutting taxes. Such obsessive attitudes never do, they expect somebody else to take the flack.

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Gove is the only one to have anything on a national scale both at education and agriculture. He can also turn it on big time when it comes, his attack on Corbyn needs to have continuous publicity; Corbyn is an utter disgrace yet he keeps popping up and we can expect him at the next GE telling everybody they will have money spen on them - as well as the billions needed to nationalise services to make them worse.

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Well yes, except it will go on as long as Labour are mired in antisemitism. It usually happened when Labour have a problem the Left try to invent a similar problem for the Tories. Being the Left, they tend not to be bothered much about facts.

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There is the point that Ireland is providing the excuse to Brussels to get awkward in the hope it doesn’t get too interested in Irelands dodgy tax arrangements.

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First para says it all. That hardly anybody mentions this amidst the current hysteria says nearly as much. Agree first sentence of last para, not sure she’s all that wrong.

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They knew about this all along. hell even I knew about it. This is just Bercow showing off, rather sums up most people involved.

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I don’t know who the “us” is, but you complained to who. . . . . .

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The Muslim Council, almost certainly Labour supportive, have noticed that Labour can be called racist, whenever Labour get in a mess somebody, often the BBC, conjures up a manipulated similar issue against the Conservatives. Hence, a Conservative calling Labour racist can now get called racist back, Warsi is just keeping in with the Labour Muslim Council and probably doesn’t believe it.

The answer is for Tories to carefully and definitively answer her, otherwise this could run and run. I won’t hold my breath.

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Straightforward really. Whenever an issue comes up the Left can jump it it, Tories usually just let it go “take the hit”. You havn’t enough room for my list of examples but how about a Yorkshire Tory MP referring to Rotherham council which took kids from UKIP supporting foster parents but let the massive grooming activities go on as morally bankrupt, corrupt and dishonest? Of course there will be a reaction but all three terms are reasonable - the trouble is it takes guts and Tories only believe in smooth management rather than leadership. (And no Tory has highlighted Corbyn supporters insults about Jo Cox, sleeping yet again.)

An example today- Rudd with a cringing apology for using the word “coloured”! Say nowt and look uninterested or come out fighting. Bonkers, but then, the publicity shows nasty Tory Rudd defending black people.