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The bias I have mentioned is institutionalised, after all they appointed an exLabour minister as the programme controller without even attempting to go through a recruitment process. Actually I could go on about the media, like Universal Credit programmes where peiople can make all sorts of claims without government comment or attempts by presenters to check facts - which might spoil a good story.

As for Labour, to be fair, unlike the Tories who can’t be botherd to come back on biased reporting, just remember Question Time and Diane Abbot where Labour activists inserted themselves (they admitted it) to invent a fuss to pretend there was bias when there wasn’t.

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Far too late I'm afraid. Labour parties round the country have dissolved into "virulent forms of identity politics", Watson, and whoever joins to help with his social democracy, will be just spitting in the wind. If he really wants to make progress perhaps he should start by addressing all those Lefty myths and lies which are all that's kept Labour afloat since Blair arrived. He could start with the media, notably the BBC.*

*(I really think that the anti-British/West anti-Tory bias of the BBC and the media have encouraged the takeover by the hard left of large parts of the establishment and created the problems Watson seems to want to address.)

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There were already two Labour MPs who have left, from Birkenhead and Barrow. Nearly double figures.

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And the “real Conservatives” will do what differently?

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The second half of the last sentence says it all. E.g. see school kids bunking off ostensibly about climate change.

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I’ve read it 3 times and, I’m sorry, it just comes across as supercilious tosh. Westley is trying to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense and in recognising that the Left, now without fundamental logical support, resorts to dishonesty to keep existing, or myths (see McDonell and striking miners). But she is too well brought up to be so blunt so we have a gentle logical dissitation

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Agree, particularly the first sentence. The problem is our democracy is reacting, as it should, to the “many” and the “few” don’t like it.

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Typical Tory reaction. Given the media activity generated a minister should have made sure to publicise what the government is doing. Time and again Tories lose out because wild less than honest political statements are not addressed. Another angle is a minister should pick up is some of the Universal Benefits complaints many of which are probably dishonest but programme makers don't bother checking because that might get in the way of a good story.

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Of course she will be offered big money to write about her “experiences”. At the time I thought she, and her friends, went to settle as being housewives instead of having to bash through the education system to become lawyers or doctors as her parents probably wished. She now seems to want to do that here at our expense.

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Your second para is appropriate. In education the "old guard" are the educationalists who try to maintain their positions achieved by passing exams and are desperate to avoid the tough world of commerce for which they only have contempt.