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Given that it is accepted that deaths have been "over reported" is it not reasonable to wonder that in some countries it suits a lot of people to " underreport" deaths? Think of wine lakes etc.

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Shaps does seem to demonstrate the disconnection of London from norther issues. He doesn't mention the trains increasing from 3 to 5 carriages, he doesn't even mention it was Labour that started Crossrail and refused permission for train operators to have 4 carriages. He might have specified the B money for new trains for Trans Penine, Northern and East Coast. And isn't he spending 10 mil of pushing on with Picaddily?

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Perhaps you are looking at it as a traditional Conservative, you know, everything proper, be civilised and if you can't think of a good thing to say, say nothing (also much easier)

Boris's attraction, say, to the likes of red brick wall ex-:Labour voters is that he is happy to mix it, however "uncivilised" that might seem. Boris is also aware that PMQs is a hangover from decades gone by and voters see it that way and aren't interested with just the odd crypyic saying ever getting out of the Westminster bubble.(personally I think it's a downright silly process and no chief executive of any other country has to spend vast quantities of time being provoked into providing details of vastly complicated yet to be finished policies.)

On the other hand Starmer is an excellent example of what's wrong with the country. Well educated, that is passing exams at a posh university, providing as he and others see it with a god given right to fiddle about to his pleasure at everybody else expense because he, and they, are too important to lose out when things go wrong, posh, and happy to spend his well remunerated time chipping at the country and society keeping him in the manner to which he is deservedly accustomed. An example of the new Left elite for whom Britain is just a basket of money and opportunity. It seems Boris sees this and is going for him. There's plenty more of them, see judges recently.

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Your first two paras are spot on. However, might I suggest another reason for this behaviour; Conservatives don't "do" politics, in fact it's felt an important attribute to being a Conservative who are only interested in doing the right thing and watching the money. One can see this in MPs and council leaders who seem happy for any old shouted emotive nonsense by the Left without bothering to respond.

Conservatives still have a feeling of superiority and social leadership (ignoring that the Left has taken over since about 2001) as such, given the silliness of many Labour, and SNP, shouty comments they're not going carry weight into the future. Possibly, but over time the endless shouting, without response can become the facts, indeed the fact there is no response by Conservatives just demonstrates Conservatives lack of interest in some issue even if the shouty comments aren't necessarily believed. At the local level Conservatives feel it beneath them in engaging in "shouting" and, anyway, it's too hard work and, worse, any local Conservative not cowardly enough to engage with the shouting is regarded by most local parties as not quite socially acceptable, after all we're right and it'll all work out in the end. Even Tory MPs willing to stand up and be counted are only interested in making their points within the Westminster bubble. bit rough and tumble going outside.

Unfortunately the Left have grasped so many levers of power in the end they will be shepherding the debate.

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Could the "tough" question be answered by suggesting it was deliberate to make it more difficult for government and country. A lot of these organisations are run by lefties and many doctors/ medics might be described as activists looking for undermining capitalism. The same worry might be applied to judges, given some recent decisions.

I suggest we wake up to a world where the eliete is left wing ant- country. The question is are they manipulating matters for their own benefit,more tax payers money, or are they really trying to destroy our (capitalist) economy.

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You missed a third issue. By what point and by whom is a trans person accepted as trans? We have birth certificates, separate loos and womens football teams, there is bureaucracy involved otherwise we accept a man being able to say he's a woman and then going back to being a man when it suits.

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". Conservatives should sigh and maintain an Olympian calmness"

We did that for decades in Scotland, wild anti=English stories circulated before there was an SNP, then one day we woke up and the UK nearly disappeared from history. We keep doing it all the time, e.g. ridiculous statements are made even in the DT, no Tory, even a backbencher, bothers to write in to put things straight. Truly we're a lazy lot.

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I think you've been asleep for about 30 years. The "elites" are now nearly all left wing, so,e.g. you get a "Supreme Court" busily inventing a new law to get at a Tory government, or Channel 4 carries out blatant bias during an election (re climate change) and when the "watch dog" is referred to it supports Channel 4. Time and again judges make judgements designed to embarrass the government. Tories (not government) never respond just put up.

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We havn't been told all the conversations but I suspect Nicola and Barnier aren't quite on the same wavelength. Shortly after the German court judgement the ECJ instantly stated that they were supreme over all EU courts and would expect an appeal following the German court deciding an EU financial proposal would be unconstitutional. The ECJ has, of course, an inbuilt constitutional remit to take into account the on going progress of EU integration, under the circumstances it is obvious that the ECJ would declare any German court decision on a specific proposal invalid. Barnier would know that and assumes, in advance, how any financial issue would turn out, hence, his lack of interest in Nicola Richard's observations.

It's also worth pointing out that the same process would almost certainly take place if we left with any ECJ involvement in Britain; any dispute between Britain and Brussels would be found in favour of Brussels in the light of the decision's affect on ever closer union.

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A fundamental point. As it stands, the way it's organised the equalities industry even has an incentive to encourage discrimination in order to keep in business. I suppose (note "suppose") the industry keeps itself in business by looking for any issues that suit them to call racist even if it encourages racism, notably in the white majority where it might otherwise not exist, rather than specifically encouraging racism. E.g. by not publishing the "grooming" reports.