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Hammond, and the other 19, just talk of Johnson setting the bar too high. They don’t suggest where a bar should be, it would seem this is a continuation of the Tory tribal war with the Europhiles, desperately unable to propose anything, just want to get at the Eurosceptics who seem to be winning. Of course what happens to the country doesn’t matter in this little punch up. (And I voted remain!)

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You didn’t mention the £20billion annual increase. Ah, but that’s a Tory government and they arn’t supposed to do anything for the NHS in the rabbit hole where you seem to exist.

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Perhaps this is interesting when particularly related to Scotland. The geography of Scotland, together with types of industry, e.g. coal mines or fishing, surely generated relatively separated communities where social cohesion and connection underpinned so much of life, more, with future and jobs well defined. The Thatcher "revolution" was difficult enough for England to take but it shouldn't be too difficult to understand the loss of Tory MPs in Scotland and the rise of Labour and, then, the SNP as a result. Perhaps identifying causes of problems helps solve them.

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If you want to get people interested you have to let them be involved other than push leaflets and write addresses.

I've stopped attending meetings. Any questions you might, somehow, be able to have asked are met with patronising burble. All the talk is about who has access to the photocopier, it's even getting difficult to find where you pay your subs to! Even the simple job of keeping up to date with local council/services information is somewhere between non existent and mild incredulity you want to know.

This isn't about trying to change national policy just getting information. Oh yes, and being treated like a sentinent being.

Simple really.

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I honestly don't think you have seriously thought about this.

Negotiation backstop;- if the EU comes up with some wayout demand, e.g. more fishing for France and we, after two years say we don't agree, the EU doesn't agree to a deal being completed and the European Court will no doubt back them up. So we can't leave at all.

Irish backstop:- there is already a border. There have been discussions to not have a hard border which Dublin stopped under the dishonest pretext of the Good Friday agreement. It's just artificial.

Now, if the EU refuses to move they are being "intransigent" entirely responsible and corrupt even by their standards.

(And I voted Remain!)

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3. There will also be even bigger train time saving to Manchester, Leeds and, yes, Scotland.

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Pl see Andy Street above. Item 2. But then Street is well north of Watford, you know not southern, wouldn't count to Tories.

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Ah, but you must remember Brenda from Bristol. We don't "want" an election folks but if Mr Corbyn gets silly . . . . . . . . . .

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Hunt, technically wasn’t sacked. He refused a “downgrade” from foreign sec to defence. Given his enthusiasm for increasing military spending ( which I thought silly) that tells you he’s more interested in Hunt than Brexit or Britain. Good residence I’m afraid - very sad but he’s a good example of those “traditional Tories” who think more of managing than leading.

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I suspect Rudd has been kept because she making a serious effort to get to grips with Universal Credit. Getting this up a running properly, and being seen to get it up and running properly, is fundamental for votes in northern Leave areas. It’s also probably fundamental to the existence of an economic viable welfare state.