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An issue that should be raised. It should be asked why these people, having tracked across several countries all more generous than ours according to Labour/BBC, risk even death to get here. Shall we face the fact that it is our particularly generous benefits/welfare and bear that in mind when we are told about “poverty” of some group or other. Any country that allows families to live happily “off grid” as they say without the irritating necessity of going to work will get immigrants rushing to get here.

* ( I do wonder if Labour’s worry about Universal Credit is due to a system designed to get people in jobs is catching up with “off grid” people.)

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A Royal Commission on the NHS! What planet are you on? It’s privatisation isn’t it. Perhaps somebody could give us a review of how other countries do their health, you know the ones we keep being told do it better than us. However, a Corbyn government would probably follow the doctors and midwives resolutions in providing our free NHS services to anybody from a country we don’t have a reciprocal arrangement with. So, health staff seem to think we have more than adequate provision, perhaps some savings..................

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As a general rule fares, particularly walk on fares, on British railways are set by the government with the annual excitement every year. In effect, as privatisation was introduced fares, set by BR were nationalised by the Ministry of Transport!

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Brussels have just told EU governments to privatise those state companies remaining. National Express, once our biggest private operator, has ceased operating here but operates on the continent where they seem allowed to make bigger profits (Virgin have noticed and moving there.)

It is worth noting that the privatised rail disaster of May 2018 was entirely down to government/public foulups; for Northern, government owned Network Rail hopelessly bungled electrification of two important lines leaving Northern without enough of the right sort of trains, in the case of Southern (which is really government owned) it took civil servants six months to answer a simple request and gave approval too late for the action. I bother to say this because all the anti-privatisation hysteria is based on May 2018 which provides a classic example of why nationalised railways don't work.

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I didn't notice him ridiculing them. I suspect you're a troll that's never voted Conservative in your life.

Ridiculing them is too nice, they are selfish thugs who use climate change as an excuse to muck up other peoples lives for kicks. For those who are serious - why didn't the join the Green party and, above all, why don't they "tell the truth" about the depravation, starvation and squalor their ideas (I won't justify it by calling it policy) will bring.

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I'm afraid you make a good point. I'm amazed how many police can turn up for seemingly minor issues. On the other hand, since we started cutting police numbers with austerity we seem to have invented endless more laws and responsibilities for the police, perhaps we should seriously consider recruiting a lot more than 20k.

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And, hence, the EU will stop any further negotiation.

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Well I was. The lawyers have been after the Tories for a long time over Europe, they make too much money from EU laws and litigation.

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That was some time ago, at the beginning when everybody was learning. CEOs do things like accounts so Head Teachers get on with teaching. I bother to say this because your question demonstrates why the British public sector is so inefficient where it leaves the "professionals", teachers, police, doctors etc doing stuff like accounts they don't know how to do and don't want to do.

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I suppose you might have said we carried out slavery - until we stopped it. What a load of weird tosh.