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Why did the dead baby cross the road?

Because it was stapled to the chicken!

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Most "bad" children are just missing someone to set a good example for them. Bullying does not happen because "kids are kids" it happens because adults of this generation, in general, are horrible at raising children.

This child did not have the privilege of a guardian at school watching out for him. He did not have a guardian at home invested in his emotional and psychological health, he did not have a guardian telling him it is OK to weep and OK to feel shame and OK to love a cartoon and that his life is a precious treasure that it is not OK to throw away.

My feelings go out to him and his family.

But what kind of society do we defend by not admitting this is our fault and that we need to do better or not have children at all?

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Mobile has a search function if you use the app.

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Oh thanks I see it now. Wow that is hard to spot.

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Wow the site no longer has a search function.

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No! You fool! Didn't Ghostbusters teach you anything? Never... ever... cross the memes!

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Couch, I feel ya got it backwards. People want to read and pick from a vast and varied pool and that is FiMFiction. EqD's fic posts... those are the recommended fics. EqD prereaders pick stories within a certain set of preference and standards and feature them.

I strongly recommend EqD changes the format of their fic "posts" to fic "recommendations." Because that is what they are now, nothing more. And many authors would find that far less aggravating to have their fic not "recommended" by EqD than not "accepted."

That said, I have neither the time nor motivation to type up recommendations here any more than I do to continue my recommendation blogs on FimFiction. Although I might be starting up a new series of reading blogs and rants.

In the mean time, if you want to know what I recommend I would suggest visiting my FiMFiction user page http://www.fimfiction.net/user/DPV111 where several of my favorites are recommended and my past recommendations blogs can be accessed.

I would also take the time to mention two of the finest fics I have read which are EqD featured but due to having been deleted and reposted, are no longer available on EqD.

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Dammit, stop feeding the shippers, starve the virus.

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The body... IT IS NOT READY!

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Best episode is best.