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I don't think they have much of a show without John Hannah and Andy Whitfield.

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Platoon is to the Viet Nam War as Rocky IV is to heavyweight championship boxing. Oliver Stone's story of the experience of a US Army platoon in Viet Nam in 1968 is so overdone it's laughable. While most or all of the occurrences in Platoon did occur over the 10+ year span of US military involvement in Viet Nam, to portray these things happening to one small group of men in such a short time frame (weeks) gives a horribly skewed picture of the war. In Platoon, the men of the platoon see all of the following in the course of a week or two: US soldiers murdering civilians, US Soldiers raping civilians, a US NCO murdering another US NCO, a US Enlisted Man murdering a US SGT, US soldiers killed/wounded by friendly fire, 90%+ killed or wounded in the platoon. For Stone to try to pass this film off as the typical experience of a US soldier in Viet Nam is a disgrace. It's the ultimate cartoonish portrayal of the war.

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I believe quite a few people mislabel themselves as "Libertarian" when what they are really advocating is "Classical Liberalism". And if you aren't aware of the differences between Libertarianism, Modern Liberalism and Classical Liberalism I suggest doing some reading on political philosophy.

For what it's worth, I advocate Fiscal Conservatism, Classical Liberalism and Peace Through Strength. I strongly advocate AGAINST Modern Liberalism, Statism and the Isolationist approach to foreign affairs.

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One of the most overrated films of the last twenty years. Viewing it gave me a splitting headache. And I loved 'Pulp Fiction', Reservoir Dogs' and 'Jackie Brown' (other Tarantino screenplays).

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I guess you haven't flown out of too many small airports.

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Sullivan, he's the one who who hired world renowned liar Stephen Glass to write for the The New Republic. That worked out well.

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What LTC West said.

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I respect your opinion and of course your service but I just don't like the way Paul's campaign and many of his supporters try to portray that they are getting overwhelming support from the military when that's not the case.

I also don't care for the implication that anyone who does not support Ron Paul is somehow against (or ignorant regarding) the Constitution. I've read the Constitution from cover to cover (as well as the Federalist Papers and the notes from the Constitutional Conventions) and from what I've heard from Rep. Paul, I believe I have a FAR better understanding of the US Constitution than he does.

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I really wish that Ron Paul supporters would stop implying that current and former Service Members overwhelmingly support Ron Paul. I spent a year in Iraq ('03 to '04) and a year in Afghanistan ('07 to '08) and Ron Paul is easily my least favorite of the current Republican candidates and most of my my fellow veterans I stay in touch with feel the same way.

And spare me the whole spiel about Paul receiving the most in donations from Active Duty Service Members. The way that figure was reached only pertains to donations over $200 (donations below $200 do not require the occupation of the donor to be listed) so that only applies to a TINY fraction of service members overall (the vast majority do not donate at all - they aren't paid enough) and to only a very small amount of those who actually donated to a campaign (I guarantee you the vast majority of military donors gave less than $200). I would guess that the Active Duty people giving $200+ to the Paul campaign are the shirkers who just want to cash their check every month and never be deployed or get their hands dirty and do what they are trained to do.

Bottom line is most of the guys I served with and deployed with think Paul's foreign policy views are naive, unrealistic and potentially very dangerous.

Just the opinion of a recently retired LTC from the USACAPOC(A).

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So I guess that means Paul believes FDR was a "chickenhawk" too. FDR sent more Americans into harm's way than every other US President in the 20th Century combined but he never wore the uniform himself even though he could have served in World War I or the even the Spanish American War.

Paul is a desperate buffoon.