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You need to actually read my responses and retract this comment. It had been acknowledged five times and corrected, but the problem continues to be that such an action is not good enough.

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Thank you for the apology. It's appreciated.

That I responded to someone after a series of comments doesn't constitute me fighting with anyone. Am I not afforded the luxury of commenting in self defense without being accused of untruths? Expectations run both ways.

The response here have been beyond over the top and the only way it can be justified is if:
A) I censored comments, which I don't
B) I said that criticism over a typo is unjustified

All I ever said, for the fourth time now, is that the outrage is unequal to the offense and I believe it's driven by one individual's personal dislike of me rather than devotion to this website. That's all.

You can disagree, but the theatrics demonstrated in this thread are unlike anything I've ever seen. A couple of people have devoted more attention towards this than the actual topic and thus have brilliantly underscored the entire point of my article, which was serendipitous.

I've still yet to see these individuals actually comment on Tyson or ESPN, btw. All fascinating.

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I don't disagree with you at all, Flig. Have I and others made editorial blunders? Sure. But we correct them and don't prevent our readers from giving their feedback on it, either. That's constructive and welcomed. We are in a fast news cycle with a small but ferociously dedicated crew!

On the other side, it's not a double standard to ask an individual why their selective outrage doesn't match the offense and question their motivation behind it. ;)

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What? It's not worth it to back up an accusation made on my character? Sorry, but no. Please point out where I made this remark. You wanted to engage me, now you have, and we'll ride it out to the end, brother.

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Excuse me? Your argument only makes sense if I said that you couldn't criticize a typo or if I ever censored criticism of myself. I've not weighed in on a single one of your criticisms for a year (I've only been here for one not two as you stated above) until this morning so your argument has no merit.

For the third time, I merely pointed out that you are commenting an awful lot on a typo and I suspect you're obsessive with it because you genuinely dislike me. You've since employed theatrics and accused me of "driving people away." Because I responded at length for the first time today? So am I not allowed to comment? What was it you said about being selective?

I've been far more generous with what goes on in comments here than the editors of the other Big sites are with theirs and don't plan on changing that policy, so no, don't get dramatic with me and threaten to take your ball and go home over a false accusation of coddled criticism. It's hubris. Dislike me all you want, it's your right, but make the outrage equal to that of the offense if you expect me to take you seriously.

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Can you please show me where I said that he advocated for rape? I think you'd better reread my comment. It's pretty unfair to call my integrity into question over a remark I never said, don't you think? Thanks.

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I just gave you a positive one, Alan. Thanks for the kind words and for posting that number. I will add to the post.

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Why do you immediately get personal and talk of egos? "Female fall back position?" "Forewarn me?" Excuse me? What cards have I played, pray tell?

This has nothing to do with it. I'm looking at at least ten (more? I didn't count.) comments from you on one thing in one story. Again, "thick skin?" You don't need to get macho with me and make false accusations on my character simply because I noted that you have spent an inordinate amount of your morning obsessing over a typo in one article. It's been corrected, I suggest you move on unless your goal is to make honest my interpretation of your actions. Best.

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It was a one word typo. Your dislike of me is obvious considering the severity of your reaction outweighs the actual offense. Now that you've gotten my attention might you shift yours to the actual story topic? Or does a typo outrank rape jokes in your world?

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Those arrests were from an earlier scuffle with police which preceded Thursday morning's event (note names "not immediately available Wednesday night") which was mentioned in the article.