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Chrysalis Portrait #5 is going in my wallpaper rotation.

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Tabitha continues to be all sorts of awesome. We gotta love her.

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No, but it helps to have taste buds, a brain, and a capacity for liking soup.

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Great. This isn't a hugbox, so your concern isn't warranted.

There's a difference between showering someone with praise and taking to task trolls and haters.

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Not semantics. The core argument.

This isn't about people not liking the story. It's okay to not like things. It's about people who feel the need to act like douchebags every time a story they don't like is brought up, and how there is no excuse for their behavior. Don't be an ass about the things you don't like. There are reasons to dislike the story. There are NO "legitimate concerns" that require you to act like an asshat every time the story you don't like gets a touch of fanfare.

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You see your entire post? Where you attempted to sound like a reasonable party while arguing things that aren't being argued and making up bullshit about me?

"The attitude that the fic is perfect". I never said any such thing. "That anyone who sees any flaws at all is wrong". I never implied that either. You are a liar.

You associate recognizing that the story isn't perfect with having "legitimate concerns" about people liking the story and sharing it. That sort of nonsense suggests to me that you are a troll.

However, maybe you aren't. Maybe you just don't understand what the words "legitimate concerns" mean. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I will explain:

Disliking the story is not the same as having "legitimate concerns" about it. Seeing flaws in the story is not the same as having "legitimate concerns" about it. "Legitimate" means based on logical reasoning, rational and justified. "Concerns" means "a worry or anxiety arising from interest".

"It has typos!" is not a concern. (It is a fact.)
"It will make Tabitha hate us!" is a concern. (A really stupid one.)

"The writing in the first chapters isn't that good" is not a concern. (It is an opinion.)
"It will make Hasbro tell us to stop writing fanfiction!" is a concern. (A paranoid, ignorant one.)

"The story mentions rape, and I don't think rape should have any part in an MLP story" isn't a concern. (It's also an opinion, and a valid one.)
"It promotes the gay agenda!" is a concern. (Do I even need to say it?)

Every single concern I have heard voiced about Fallout: Equestria is born of prejudice, hysterics, ignorance or stupidity. I have never seen a legitimate concern.

So I say again: Pfft. I'll believe it when I see it.

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I never said he was. I said that his behavior, while worthy of rebuke, isn't as extreme as those he has decided to join.

His original post was not "civil discourse". His original post was nothing but an insulting, derogatory shot meant to throw a stink on what should have been a positive thread about brony-support from the MLP cast.

In making that post, he made himself one of those people who respond to threads about Fallout: Equestria with negativity and mean-spiritedness. The people involved in those e-mails are also members of the demographic he has chosen to be part of.

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Yeah, I missed that. It must have been hidden behind you facepalming "so hard" that Tabitha St. Germain wanted a copy and said something nice about it on her blog.

If your stance is that "I am facepalming so hard" qualifies as civil debate, then yes, I do disagree with you. My stance is that it was an insult to Tabitha St. Germain, to the brony who generously gave her the copy, and to the fandom in general. And no amount of "but I LIKED it" substitutes for an apology or excuses your bad behavoir.

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You have more to worry about from people like yourself who begrudge the popularity of this fanfic and seek to undermine or harm the fandom surrounding it, regardless of the damage you are doing to the brony community as a whole. Perhaps all you do is facepalm -- effectively insulting Tabitha St. Germain for wanting to have a copy -- but others have done more.

You worry about Hasbro's response to fanfic if it gets printed? It was FOE-haters like you who decided to take the step of writing both Hasbro and Bethesda, putting the printing in the worst possible light and even outright lying about it in order to get the people printing it in trouble and generally ruin a beautiful thing... and they couldn't care less about the harmful effect they might have on fanfic in general or on the companies themselves.

Fortunately, Kkat herself also sent messages to both Bethesda and Hasbro, clarifying the situation. Rest assured, both companies have been aware of Fallout: Equestria for some time and they at least tolerate (if not love) it.

A shame you and some of the others around here aren't capable of doing the same.

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No, I don't think there are.

There are trolls. There are people who are lashing out because they've being poisoned by hype aversion. There are people who are jealous or bitter over the story's success. There are people who are freaking out because of their own prejudice and ignorance. And there are people who have thrown themselves on the hatred bandwagon because it makes them feel cool or superior.

But people with legitimate concerns about the fic? Pfft. I'll believe it when I see it.