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That the white milk section is separate from the four colored sections (presumably Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Muslin Terrist) should appeal to Mich's critics.

By the way...on my iPhone, the sign-in user name and email fields were pre-populated with another commenter's screen name and entire email address. I just now created and changed over to a Wonkette-only Google Mail email address, FYI.

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Was Ken at Disney World? That explains it...I was in EPCOT last Sunday, and I wondered why they armed all the furries around the America Pavilion.

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This morning, one of the millionaire talk radio hosts was again railing against people who want to raise taxes on millionaires. But there are so few of us, he seemed to be saying...yes, with all of the money!

The older I get, the more I see that the superiority our system—our "exceptionalism"—is continually spun to us by those who benefit most from it. They also exploit our unique heterogeneous culture to keep us looking at each other rather than at them. They keep us from wanting universal social programs like health care because someone else who isn't like us—who isn't as worthy, as "American"—will benefit too.

Wonkette is a very welcome tonic amidst the everyday madness.

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To the tune of "Lieb Vaterland," by Udo Juergens, or just a poem of sadness:

"America, You're Almost There"

America, my mind's been busy trav'ling.
The promise of my youth has been unrav'ling.
Your melting pot's been dealt a cold collision
That's clouded up your proud progressive vision.

Let's rush to save the one percent who own us,
And God forbid we jeopardize their bonus.
Just know their tax is low to keep us growing...
A gap that's off the map without us knowing.

America, you're almost there
A house divided by an angry tear.
Would Lincoln know you or do you care?
You're almost there.

At exploitation no one quite surpasses
Your profit mongers preying on the masses.
She'll pay the spa today to do her toes up
We'll laugh she paid just half, and watch 'em close up.

They're not too big to fail and that's a pity
Just too small to succeed in this big city.
If only they had shown the proper breeding,
Their senator'd have tended to the bleeding.

America, you're almost there
A house divided by an angry tear.
Would Lincoln know you or do you care?
You're almost there.

Go find a deal the devil would be proud of
Go buy a house that someone's been kicked out of.
Then scream they stole your dream and all enjoyment
By seeking one more week to find employment.

Don't soak the rich, they didn't cause your trouble!
The greedy poor ones burst the housing bubble.
The president just says he shares your virtue;
Is he your cup of tea? He'd rather hurt you.

America, you're almost there
A house divided by an angry tear.
Would Lincoln know you or do you care?
You're almost there.

America, you're almost there
A house divided by an angry tear.
Can Heaven help you or do you care?
You're almost there.

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My iPhone is getting an even-worse-than-usual mobile version, with no comments, no chance to comment, and without the "skip to comments" option I usually use to read them when they don't come up automatically. Plus, when I click on "regular Wonkette" instead of "mobile," it takes me to mobile anyway. 8^(

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Pretty lame cartoon-yourself profile pic. Blank, empty-headed, vapid, oh wait...

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He should have gone. But he didn't refuse to go because he hated her. He refused because he was sick of the environment of right-wing hate that surrounded him in the station. Not the best career choice for someone who doesn't like being among hatemongers (see also: law enforcement). He just should have realized it 28 years ago.

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I think we're all Rockfordphiles :)

ps I rarely ever post and have over 100 p. I never really understood what they mean or why I got them, but I feel happy to have them now

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She had her nose fixed to match his belly!

I caught a little of this yesterday. Did you see how after Nancy they only introduced "the Reagan family" instead of each child. Still a mess...

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Let's make her look like a Michele Bachmann marionette, but with Claude Rains' nose from "The Invisible Man."