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John Carpenter's The Thing is hands down one of the best sci-fi horror movies ever made, if not THE best. As much as I love Alien, The Thing is a better movie. The special effects are amazing (all the more so if you see how they were done, pick up the collector's edition DVD for the special feature on how the special effects were done), the set design is perfect, and the cast is one of the best ensembles ever. Plus, it's one of the most cerebral horror movies I've ever seen. Yes, there are jump scares, but they're elevated by the film's incredible special effects, and they serve to punctuation long, gruelling sequences of psychological horror. The terror of never knowing who may be infected and could erupt in a moment of bowl-loosening violence at any time. A great film that deserves the cult following it has found.

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Hoping to plug the leak?

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I think most people would assume your random capitalization, excessive smilies, and crazy overuse of exclamation points smack of desperate overcompensation and anger, thanks, but you go ahead and keep pretending that you're not embarrassed. Especially when you're trying to defend yourself with arguments of grammar and sentence structure (that don't stand up to a sixth-grade english comp book) in one post and posts full of smilies and "LOL" in the next. Jesus Christ, it's like AIM exploded all over the comment section.

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"So really, you made it sound as if it was so dull because of the latter, not the former, part of your statements. "

No, what's really happening here is: you're pissed because people hate this show and it came in third for its time slot, you couldn't understand a simple four-sentence post, and now are trying to spin out of looking stupid by flailing wildly at any possible excuse you can grab on to.

Hint: It's not working.

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It's funny that you keep claiming conservatives are the minority when liberals/progressives (as the word currently defines ideology) have never been a majority in the history of the country. The majority of Americans identify themselves as conservative or moderate.

I also love that when conservatives exercise their ability to CHOOSE who they're going to support financially like the Dixie Chicks from your example, that's blackballing, but when progressives try to FORCE ideology on individuals (Fairness Doctrine, blacklisting of conservatives in the entertainment/educational/journalist industries), that's ok.

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Right-wing messages don't sell? I must've looked up the wrong numbers when I saw that conservative hosts dominate the radio and cable television markets.

You either don't get or pretend to not get (as an excuse to insult all us stupid, slack-jawed inbred neo-cons!!1!!) the whole point of the Sucker Punch Squad articles: publish a script review of unreleased films/tv shows with stupid progressive messages so that people don't need to waste their time and money just to be insulted in the most intellectually dishonest means possible. No, none of us have been subjected to having to suffer through The Event, and we're better for it. Cry some more.

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Aaaawww, somebody's grumpy! Poor widdle fellow, hims just a widdle guy...

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Is being a black progressive and saying you're a Christian all it takes these days to receive a comparison to Jeremiah Wright? For the love of God, this crap only feeds the lying "Tea Baggerz is teh RAAAAACISSSSSSTS!1!!" meme the left has been desperately peddling for the last year and a half.

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Isn't it nice to live in a world where everyone who disagrees with you is automatically stupid, every time?

I'm so tired of seeing this mentality among conservatives. This is the kind of "The debate is over, anyone who disagrees with me is a DENIER!" thought-process that the rabid left has embraced full bore for the last ten years. Just because you disagree with someone ideologically doesn't mean they're evil and you can never engage them, ever.

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I'm guessing your comment got deleted because you were advertising for your own website, not because the administrator felt your comment was offensive. That's a no-no ANYWHERE.