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Dear John, in the name of Jesus I lift up your little girl, pleading the Lord's mercy for healing and strength. I am so sorry for your difficult struggle.

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I remember reading "Ghost Wars" (about our policy in A-stan) and realizing that our government has NOT A CLUE about the Middle East, no master plan, no overarching strategy. Each new administration started from square one with absolutely no idea what Islam or tribalism is really about.

I agree with you. We need to start pushing back. I agree with your list and would like to add all of ancestral Greece, at least to the Bosphorus. We'll have to wait until Turkey inevitably slides into an Islamic theocracy. And multiple huzzahs on Serbia (lets take back the ENTIRE Balkans), and Armenia.

We need a plan. I don't mean some piece of US policy that will be thrown away in two years. But a general blueprint and principles for us to work from. The hour is late...

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Todd Snider's "crusade"? Hehehehehehe..... I like the article, Robert. Thanks for sticking up for him. We need to push back against Islam every chance we get.

It galls me to no end that, living in the US, we are subject to constant bullying by Mohammedeans. I think they are already effected the way we speak and act through their violence and intimidation. And why it is the ones who will suffer most under Sharia (liberals) who constantly enable the harrassment?

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Does anyone know the name or address of Todd Snider's new group?

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Very funny.... Steven probably hasn't a prayer. But he's right. Obama worship has killed mainstream political humor.

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There isn't a conspiracy theory that Muslims won't believe. This is part of the reason Muslim countries slide backwards while the rest of the world moves on.

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I finally went to LGF to see what the deal was and discovered what I already knew. JW has some of the most thoughtful people on the web. LGF was mostly pages of ad hominem attacks, largely against Christians. I always find it sadly amusing when people descend into anger and terror at Christians for things like ID. As if humanists didn't own our universities and the Saracens weren't at the gates.

The reconquest site seems like a tongue-in-cheek fantasy/joke. Not a joke that I'd sign up for because genocide just isn't funny. But genocide aside, what's so wrong about fantasizing about taking stuff back that the Muslims stole from us? Frankly, I'd like both Palestine and the Balkans back. (Frankly, that's a very poor Crusader pun).

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When I was in Uganda, I noticed a strange thing. Muslims seemed to abuse their animals quite often. People who beat animals also tend to beat their wives and children. You ever notice that Muslims like to shoot video of themselves killing captured and defenseless people?

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lessee... scourge your wives, Quran 4:34; love your wife as Christ loved the Church, Ephesians 5:25. I read a recent study which said that in Great Britain a Muslim woman married to a Muslim is TEN TIMES more likely to be murdered by her spouse than any other group. I don't know what is more offensive, the fact that your religion sanctions violence against women or that you are so dishonest about it. Personally, I'd like so see every religious leader who sanctions violence against women flogged publically. I wonder which line will be longer, the Muslim or Christian? It is sad that you have a half billion women trapped in your abusive religion.