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I'll tell you what I DON'T want to see, forced relationships (*COUGH*Flash Sentry*COUGH*)

I do kinda want to see a war between the equestrian and Griffon empires.

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the derp is strong with this post XD

Seth you dun goofed, and it's not even 9PM!

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please for the love of god no... isn't it enough with the Equestria Girls movies? yes the main show is popular and you have experimented with some new ideas... but just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.
as long as 'Brad' doesn't deviate the story to an un-nerving degree with pointless sub-plots that don't go anywhere with the end result being the same as EVERY HIGH SCHOOL SHOW EVER.... then fine, go nuts (grumble grumble)

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Huh... looks like spike is going to be a little more involved nearer the end... I'm okay with this

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bit of a title derp there seth... although Ride of the clockwork stallions sounds like a cool theme-park ride

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holy hell they look weird... like... mini, gangly ponies... im not sure what i should be feeling

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I have the DJ-Pon3 and Octavia 3D prints that are shown in the picture, but wasn't quick enough to get the derpy one before the person got a C&D for it.
knowing hasbro, if they were to do prints, they would not be up to the quality of these ones, they would be simple, easy for reproduction. they will sacrifice quality for quantity. that's just my opinion though.

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Okay, I've been seeing this new fad popping up everywhere, yet I don't know how this came about. apparently you guys say it has somthing to do with japan Japan. can someone offer some clarification on this? I have no idea what the origins of this new 'thing' is.

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aw man, i never got to try out the demo. this sucks

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I meant in terms of twilight seeing what sacrifices and trials Celestia had to go through with banishing her sister, i never meant in a 'death' way. although i can see how people may have gathered that message :P my bad XD