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will you write my satire argument that i have to turn in for english 112 tomorrow jimmy??

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here here!

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of course MMO's are long term games... that is the entire point of them. You take the time to level your character from a level 1 push over and make them as strong as you possibly can, this isnt going to happen over night. If it did everyone would have super strong characters and there would be no pride reaching that high level and acquiring elite gear to set you apart from others. FFXI and Everquest Online Adventures are both ridiculously old games on the ps2 yet they are still active on the console. They arent the most popular but they still have subscribers who play on a regular basis.

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i strongly disagree, I believe MMO's will be very popular on consoles once microsoft gets their model finalized to allow this genre online. I will say that it will probably take one or two games before developers get these games to form well with consoles but i do have the utmost faith that MMO's will get a very big welcoming from most gamers.

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refering to the game or what?

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I know, this is the first super hero game that i have been excited about in a very long time. With the amazing graphics and the completely original story mode, i am looking forward to this game with a lot on anticipation

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thanks dude, glad you enjoyed it!

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I agree, the choice of great games available on the xbox all but dwarfs that of what the PS3 has to offer, i love the PS3 but the 360 has just got the better titles between the two.

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Went there a few yaers ago when they were here in ohio.... BEST show i have ever been too.

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Epic Win!