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I could easily tell that Owens was planned to be in the main event, since he's feuding with Ambrose (makes sense). Which is why pairing the Usos in the faction with Ambrose and Reigns to feud with Rusev, Barrett, Del Rio, and Sheamus makes little sense other than to serve as Roman's allies, since the Usos are feuding with New Day currently (who, as announced here, aren't going to be members of the LoN faction going forward) while Rusev (Ryback) and Del Rio (Swagger) have their own individual feuds going currently. Little things like this reflect the sad state of WWE's creative team and does little to benefit anybody since the storyline aspect is damaged.

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Isn't the new Star Wars movie also coming out on Dec 18?

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I don't know if it's the way both wear their hair, but even before James Storm left TNA, I've seen money in an Adam Rose and James Storm pairing, or a Storm/Ambrose pairing. All three have a lot of charisma and ability that a lot of people simply do not see, which is frustrating. Ambrose and Adam Rose had a match on Raw (I think earlier this year or late last year) that was really quick but the sequence/flow they had was picture perfect. Rose "gets it" but is poorly being utilized. Guys like him, Storm, and Ambrose need very little creative input to shine.

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RUSEV is boring by himself. I always either fall asleep or change the channel whenever he's on, as do most other fans.

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The product SUCKS, and the League of Nations is a CORNY name and just sucks, there's no getting around that.

I hope you anti-complainers are just as defensive when you see the people whining about TNA, since they have (or at least, HAD) the superior storylines and talent roster. WWE is coma-inducing garbage.

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HHH is still garbage and has done some unforgivable crap backstage when it comes to the amount of world-class superior talent he's buried, but booking-wise, he's a genius when it comes to NXT and Vince/Dunn are worse than the bubonic plague when it comes to how they handle Raw. It's not rocket science, and just giving credit/praise where it's due. Being a booking genius for NXT doesn't automatically negate the fact that HHH's booking/selfishness directly/indirectly affected a LOT of guys' careers/pushes on WWE's main roster

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I Raw was broadcasted weekly from Full Sail, or even from Miami, New York, or Chicago, the true talents on the roster would have no issues shining and getting over based on the merits of their talent.....but when you have cities like Greenville, SC, places in Tennessee, etc., with either PG mark crowds or dead's hurts the product that's being presented on TV.

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Additionally, the basic Raw/Smackdown fans are nowhere near as passionate, enthusiastic, and vocal (nor knowledgeable) of core pro-wrestling as the NXT crowd. Very similar to the ECW and old TNA fans, since it wasn't really marketed to children, etc. They're a different audience than WWE fans. At the same time, I feel like there's more flexibility in NXT for people to say/do more there too. The matches on Raw still seem slower-paced with little-to-no backstory (with a totally different "feel" than NXT), as if you can tell they're trying to dumb-down what they REALLY are capable of doing.

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Okay. I haven't lived in Augusta in years, so I wasn't aware. And I didn't put a lot of effort into looking for one (I like Hardees but just not enough to put effort into tracking down the locations nearby, etc.). If I dont see one in my route, I dont go looking for them.

Since you stay in Evans, did you attend the recent house show in Augusta?

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One night, one arena. They need to observe fan reactions the next two months or so to determine if this experiment is working better. Last night was a very mark-ish crowd anyway.

As bad as both Sheamus and Reigns are, I'm sure consistently, Reigns still isn't as over as they want him to be.