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What a lovely wedding! I love your two dresses and the bridesmaid look great! I will have to show this to my sister in law because she's considering a ski resort wedding in winter and we were wondering if we could get away with wearing boots with pretty dresses at a wedding, guess we can! I also like that you tried to compromise for the sake of your family. Somone reminded me early on in my wedding planning process that my Mum had probably been looking forward to my wedding day since the day I was born. Even though it was our day and we wouldn't have done anything we didn't like or agree with, we felt it was important that those who are close to us and who have done so much for us over the years, enjoyed the day and felt comfortable with everything. It is a very delicate balancing exercise, but at the end of the day my parent's wanted me to be happy too, so everyone was prepared to compromise and it worked out fine.

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I've never commented on a wedding before although I've been following OBB since when I was planning my own wedding last year... but I felt compelled to comment after reading about this one. I loved it from the minute I saw the beautiful pink dress and all of the other different colours and I really felt that I shared a lot of the sentiments. We also wanted a relaxed, easy to plan, small wedding with a short engagement, so we opted for a destination wedding on the beach with just nine guests. It was wonderful and just what we wanted, but this is the sort of thing we would have gone for if we'd gotten married at home. The best part of my wedding day was also the "we did it" moment- for me that happened right at the end of the ceremony when the musicians started playing and someone popped open the first champagne bottle for a toast. I will never forget that wonderful feeling knowing that no matter what else happened that day we were married so it was already the best day of my life. Best wishes for married life!