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Like that little quasi-happy zone in the first circle of hell where Socrates and his buddies hang out and wait for Judgment Day.

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Someone with a spare half hour is hereby encouraged to recaption this appropriately with the names of the seven dwarves, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and Satan.

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Derpy Two Dozen, if you check out the site: 17 white men, 6 white women, and Ben Carson.

I'll give a special shout-out to NH's very own State Rep. (but he SHOULD have been Speaker, and would have been, too, if it wasn't for all those treasonous RINOs who hated him so much after having him as Speaker for two years that they teamed up with the Democrats to elect a squishy liberal RINO (read: very conservative non-asshole) instead) Bill O'Brien, probably the shortest, smartest, nastiest and bland-droniest black-hearted faux-patriotic hatemonger of the lot.

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It wasn't his fault! He couldn't control himself!

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The Anna Nicole Smith Story.

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Children are treated horribly and take no harm from it whatsoever; children imagine that they've been slighted and are horribly emotionally scarred for life. So it goes. The range of human experience is unlimited.

Still a pretty good rule of thumb to be as kind as possible to every kid always. For your sake as well as theirs.

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Please, let there be only one in every generation.

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Eh, we've had worse.

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No, if he'd been anyone else, he'd just be that really nice guy at the end of the bar, who was always charming and chatting up women of various ages, even when his wife was with him, but not in a bad way, and maybe you heard some rumor about him once, but it really wasn't plausible, and if anyone asked about him, there'd be a ton of people who'd honestly tell you what a great guy he was.

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Nobody likes a lyre. Especially when they're jealous of him for being way better at it than they'll ever be.