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Huh. Author here.
how rare it is to see a comment on the EQD page. I just checked because why not, and here this were, a nice, thoughtful comment.

My response is that you're entirely correct, and yet it part off. Cards was designed as such, as it is the only sensible playing card design for an OC. But _very_ quickly it came to my attention that she looked a like like the heroine of another fic, so I read that fic, and found Blackjack to be funny. That is, I found her angst annoying, and so slowly, and after a few edits and revamps, Cards became a sort of parody of Blackjack AKA SuperAngstyPone. Plus, I figured that a super angsty yet really adorable cute pony would act as a good foil for Jericho, who himself feels no angst. You'll find a few lines very similar to PH, but that was added after the fact of her creation ,and I have the annoying habit of taking words from others and twisting them to suit a different purpose. It's my form of homage/playful mockery.
EG, near the end of act 1 there's a homage scene almost straight out of The Gunslinger, but I play it up very different, give it weight, and explore the concept more in depth than Stephen King cared to. It wasn't as relevant to his story, but I made it deeply relevant to Jericho. Kenn?

In any case, Cards ended up being a fan favorite character for almost utterly incomprehensible reasons. People are weird.

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Aww, stopped being funny? This is news to me. See, this is why negative criticism (or... uh, proper criticism in general, really) is helpful. I listen to people when they speak. I only write fanfic in order to get better thereat. If these kinds of opininions go silent, how can I learn?
Also, I don't recall a "killing everyone" thing ever occurring. And broken English, as I think you're referring thereto, is pretty much when I began to write the story a little closer to incredibly weird way wherein I speak. Like so. Seems pretentious a bit, but it never stopped me from being a whackjob.
Though, I am curious, at which point did these events occur that made you stop reading? And what about them made you feel this way? I ask because all too often all I get is praise, and while good for the ego, it's often not very good when you're trying to learn and grow. Mind helping me out, mate?

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Soon you too shall become a hilarious sociopath from reading this thing!

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Come up with them?

Dude, I literally just write down my actual day-to-day thoughts and call in a story. Hell,m a good many of the jokes are actually jokes I've made up out of the blue during my daily routine with my friends. You readers are none the wiser

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I am the author of Jericho so I am biased please ignore me.
Okay, so I don't read fanfics anymore, because I'm too lazy. I don't even read Jericho, and I write that thing. What does that say about me?
Just note, though, that Jericho is really heavy into being a comedy: the world is rather serious, but the narrator is a cheery sociopath whose own narration is often the heart of the joke. If you desire to laugh, feel terrible, then go root for the small pony while also hoping she gets hits with a baseball bat all before so that she can cry and get hugged all before you realize that you now speak German and are a sociopath, then Jericho is probably something you should fear because you, good sir, have an incredibly specific series of perverse desires.

Have you ever considered that your problems with being incredibly vulnerable to suggestions that something to do with your hidden desire to sleep with me whilst reading Jericho?

I'm sorry, what was I talking about again? I sometimes just pop onto these EQD posts here to... do something or other.

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This might seem odd, but where does one "hear about a fic being good"?
I've seen comments like this every so often, but I don't really get where one hears these sorts of things. Are there shadowy cabals where hooded bronies meet in secret to sacrifice virgins and discussing the odds and ends about fanfics? As I see it, it's a bit like setting a fire afire in order to teach the fire not to start fires anymore: confusing and repeating itself far too much.
Perhaps I'm just dumb. After all, I am still trying to teach my pet fire to be a free-range fire...

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Aside from a general aesthetic and playing card theme (I love playing cards; had one on my desk, said "This will be a pony whom I will brutally kill"), there's nigh no similarly betwixt Blackjack and yonder pony girl, Cards. It's most in personality, wherein the two are so unlike it's funny, save for both being angsty. Personally, after being told Cards looked kinda like BJ, I actually looked up PH and found similarity in design to be darkly amusing, so I tossed in an allusion thereto. But Cards is Jericho's Ensemble Darkpony, meant to die, but kept alive to torment. And torment. And torment. And is now some weird fan-favorite, a super woobie who never gets a break but is unwilling to give up trying. I never understood what about all thereof made folks really love and want to hug Cards, but readers gonna read.

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Long? Aye, so it is, and with no ending in sight.
Dark? Mayhap few other stories so accurately deserve that tag. But at the end of the day, Jericho is still mostly a comedy... as told by a heroic sociopath who narrates like a malevolent Douglas Adams. Really, Jericho actually gets away with doing lots of horrific things precisely because he's hilarious enough that most readers are willing to still love him. I like to think that reading Jericho slowly turns you into a sociopath, but that's just me.
Point is, just 'cause it's dark doesn't meant grimdarkly oppressive: Jericho is a comedy über alles, as 'twere.
And I shrug and want to say something when folken say something is seems "too dark". So, I say stuff.

But if you're looking for lighthearted silliness, My Little Sharknado is... something.

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She was originally going to die in the chapter we meet her first, wherein Jericho was originally to kill her, likely via torturing her to death. Of course, back then, she was originally a bad guy, but then I decided to make it how it is today, with her alive. Then, I was gonna kill her during the deal with the Devil's Backbone, but then people would have whined because they all loved her so much. Rest assured, she /will/ die... somehow. Eventually. Maybe. Most certainly. Almost.

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That would be Cards, actually. According to the chapter's A/N part 2 (written 3 months after posting of chapter), Cards was just an accident based of a playing card the author had on had, and the resulting Cards looked like Blackjack, a mare whom the author (I) only learned about /after/ people said Cards looked like Blackjack.
But, really, there's absolutely no other real similarities between the character of Cards and Blackjack. Both are sort of the losers of their setting and, I guess, were officers of the local law, but Cards' deal is that she's super adorable (so say my readers) because she's tiny (think LittlePip), weak, sad, pathetic, and an unloved loser—but no matter what, she will keep trying to be a big, tough pony, and she will never give up, no matter how bad things are! I originally meant to kill Cards off, but she became the fic's Ensemble Darkhorse whom everyone loved and adored and wanted to hug, and now everyone asks when Cards is coming back (as I made a conscience choice not to have Cards in Act II).
So, that's that story.