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Did those succeed? I never checked.

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The European-American Unity and Rights Organization? What did The Honorable think it was, NATO?

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"Social intercourse"

Didn't he try to prohibit this?

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I know, right? I've been trying to work this out in my head -- where's the intrinsic irony, the moment of grande humour and whatnot? The Jews killed Yeezus but want their money back? But now it's just a perfunctory ritual, or something?

Whither go the wingnuts when they can't even pop a good kike joke?

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You idiots!

We've been duped!

"Harry Binswanger" is one of those alter-egos of Sacha Baron Cohen's.


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"Take the side of"? To them, Putin's an American Hero (R).

For our special Obama-is-Bush-OMG friends, Putin saved privacy and civil liberties and the Internet by rescuing Edward Snowden and petting his small, pointy head.

For our special wingnut fr--- oh, whatever: "asshats" -- Vlad's stickin' it to Obama and wrastlin' bears and turning a very wide blind eye to the torture of 13-year-old gay boys by undisguised thugs. It's basically a CPAC attendee's wet dream (the boys, and maybe the rest of it).

And for all of our special friends, Putin is standing up to the warmongers by respecting the right of a legitimate government like Bashar Al-Assad's to gas civilians.

Basically, Vladimir Putin's the most politically effective American politician since Ronald Reagan.

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I'm nervously wondering how that's supposed to be read.

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You're saying this calls for a rentboy strike?

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Well, at least we know what Trayvon Martin could have "legally" done to defend himself: carry a gun, shoot George Zimmerman and claim self-defense.

Because, seeing as the state didn't even want to prosecute, there's no way they could've convicted Martin for a more justified version of the same defense. That would require gross institutional racism in the Florida justice system. And that would never happen.

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I always figured it was an S&M sub-fetish.

Nothing hotter than getting fucked by your own party, right?