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Her is another perfect example of Government bureaucracy that make no COMMON SENSE the Stat Of Ohio is passing a law that includes that Computes for the company that I work for, Were after 2min of non-use that a PC will lock down making the user log back in to the system to continue to work. Any one see loss of productivity here?

Now in the defense of the State this is a good idea 2 min a little to short of time but for were state data is accessed it makes sense like your SSN and Medicaid Medicare info etc. .

Here’s were the ignorance of the bureaucracy comes in to play our company has buy software and licenses from a vendor (program is call OneSign) all it dose is lock the system after the screen saver kicks in thus requiring the user to log back in. Still sounds like a good idea so far except that Windows Active Directory (every Windows PC from 2000 – 7 )can already do this at no extra cost to our companies operation.

So here is my question? Who got this in to the State government and whose pockets are they lining to get it pushed in to law

Hopefully someone out there can enlighten me on this issue

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For this reason, I recently announced legislation called the Investments for Manufacturing Progress and Clean Technology (IMPACT) Act. This legislation, which was included in the House energy bill, would support manufacturers' transition to the clean energy economy and ensure clean energy jobs are created here in the U.S. This legislation would create a revolving loan fund for small and medium size manufacturers to retool and expand facilities to produce clean energy technology and energy efficient products. It is estimated this measure will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.
I appreciate hearing your input on this important topic. As clean energy legislation continues to be discussed in Congress, I will work to ensure that an unfair burden is not placed on Ohio families and businesses. I will only support legislation that creates new jobs and economic opportunities across Ohio.
Thank you again for writing.
United States Sherrod Brown

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Thank you for sharing your views about clean energy legislation.
Effective clean energy legislation will reduce climate pollution and promote the production of renewable energy—but most importantly it will ensure the creation of new clean energy jobs and industries. Clean energy legislation must also ensure the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers and protect consumers by keeping utility rates affordable. We must work to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by making America a global leader in clean energy manufacturing.

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Just hit my email Same Blah Blah Blah who cares how much it will cost me the TAX PAYER. I would like a 13,000 square foot house but being that I can afford it I don't build it. MORONS!

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Log in and vote No on this

Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009


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We have to look at the past in order to make sure we learn from it, so we do not make the same mistakes again and again.
Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
I think that we should be more like Ben Franklin everything is better in moderation neither side is right nor is either side really wrong, it is however the way they are looking at the issues at hand. We have to look at the whole picture not just a piece of the pie as our Founding Fathers did. We as a collective need to stop nit picking everything the other guy says and truly work together (this is a problem with a two party system ) to fix the problems we face as a nation, and stop the stupid games that both parties have played for the past 20+ years.

Socialism, Fascism, and Communism, do not work we have seen this time and time again throughout history.
But Capitalism is not really the best answer, some ultra rich, some rich and the rest poor or just making it. This is really because we do not use common sense, and control the way we run our own lives. We let someone else tell us how we should feel instead of looking at the issue and figuring out what we need to do about it and how the outcome will affect us as an individual

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UCMJ vs CIA vs Nancy Pelosi
1. The Attention Grab 2. Attention Slap 3. The Belly Slap 4. Long Time Standing 5. The Cold Cell
6. Water Boarding Look these up.

I think that I have heard Frat Boys doing worse than this to someone they like

No for how the Middle East torture their captives Methods included
1 electric shock
2 whipping
3 beating
4 inserting brokon glass and pouring boiling water into the rectum
5 tying weights to the testicles
6 extraction of teeth and nails

Now what really sounds like torture

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As a US Marine most of the things that were listed as torture were training techniques so you would be able to with hold information if captured by and enemy combatant. An enemy combatant as listed “Enemy combatant” is a general category that subsumes two sub-categories: lawful and unlawful combatants. See Quirin, 317 U.S. at 37-38. Lawful combatants receive prisoner of war (POW) status and the protections of the Third Geneva Convention. Unlawful combatants do not receive POW status and do not receive the full protections of the Third Geneva Convention. (The treatment accorded to unlawful combatants is discussed below).

There for a terrorist is and should always be classified as unlawful combatants and never receive POW status. Just as it is stated on the following page http://www.cfr.org/publication/5312/enemy_combata...

Maybe if the Government would enforce the laws and regulations that we have instead of trying to write new ones that give them loop holes around the old ones we could once again be the greatest Country on Earth.

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The Poll of the day on Glenn's site

“Should President Obama condemn the action of the Iran's Government?”

I would have to say no to they way they will condemn this act. It is not for us as Americans to medal in the affairs of other Countries governments, as we would not let or want them to with us.

But we should not under any circumstances let or make any one (Country) think that we approve of the actions taken by this soon to be Dictator.

To add to that note like we did for our selves in 1976 by asking the French to HELP us if the People of Iran as a collective if they ask for us to help them fight this Tyrannical Government, I as a UNITED STATES MARINE I think we should assets them not do it for them.