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Official uniforms for all athletes from every country need to be rainbow flags. In addition, when each nation is introduced their athletes should be holding a rainbow flag instead of their national flag. Next, the Russian government should attempt to arrest all participants in the entire olympics. It's the least that both sides could do. Then let the entire world watch what unfolds.

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Actually, a picture of the pope, the archbishop's boss and head pedophile, needs to be at the beginning of the article. The pope is ultimately responsible for this garbage that violates human beings..

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How is it that, since its beginning over 2,000 years ago, the christian religion has been 100% wrong on every civil rights issue? Statistical probability says that the christian religion (and any and all other religions) should get it right 50% of the time. There's something going on and has been going on in the christian religion for the past 2,000+ years that it has always come up on the wrong side of history and has always come up on the wrong side of civil rights. It must be the results of EVIL. EVIL men have done this to human beings for over 2,000 years. And these evil men claim that they are following the footsteps of their supposed leader, Jesus of Nazareth. So, not only are they evil in the sense of always working against civil rights, they are also evil in the sense that they are liars.

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They don't because, in reality, the U.N. doesn't want to "rock the boat."

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Yeah and we should also vote on hetro divorces. We need to be very concerned over het marriages' threat to marriage.

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Whatever could motivate you for asking this question and then following it up with an ageist comment?

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". . . .they in fact through the dignity of work. . . .can break from the plantation of big government.”" Two comments in response to this crap: 1) With their $1,000s for lobster and steaks for lunches, politicians swilling at the "plantation of big government," are the parasites that blood-suck the American economy. 2) It is Biblical to say that the plantations and their slaves should have never been destroyed. According to the Bible, slavery was a natural fact of life. According to the Bible, this anti-Christ should have never been allowed off the plantation and, for sure, should have never been given the right to vote. In addition, Long Dong Thomas and Breeder Scalia, who say that the United States Constitution is not a living document, support their own return to the plantation. (They are crazy!)

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Yeah. We sure as hell DO "corrupt" our children. Our children are the ones who are destroying homophobia, pulling it up by its roots.

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I disagree that it will be soon that homophobic bigots won't any longer be able to make a decent living at being haters. There'll always be enough dumb-asses around to send in their money to the gawdly homophobies because dumb-asses love to hear hate even when most of American society has figured out that it's wrong to be Gay bigots.

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Reparative didn't work for Mrs. Bachmann either. It was an utter failure when she went to Mr. Bachmann's hospital so she could become a man. Coulter had gone and it evidently was quite successful for ger going from a man to a woman. Bachmann knew that she's as good as any Coulter could ever be. Bachmann is now talking with a USMC recruiter about joining so they can make a man out of her. She wants to be included as one of the few, the proud, and the brave. She wants to be one mean, killing machine for the 2016 presidential race.