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Now, if they'd just eat the Dell Tech Support Center, it'll all be good.

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Mr Darwin doesn't play favorites.....

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Obama's owned by rich, white politicians and oil company execs........ does that make him a slave? Just curious. Yea, being the first "black" president set precedent...... what a BAD precedent. Why couldn't we have had James Earl Jones, or Colin Powell as our first "black" president. Men with intelligence, character and nothing to hide. Ah.... it is to ponder.

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She has "Sheenis Envy" Has to get away with JUST as much crap as he does.

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That is SO wrong! Funny, but WRONG!

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Please give the family my condolences on the loss of their dog. My dogs are my best friends, and I can't even imagine how I'd feel if this happened to them. R.I.P. Lex.

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On that statement, I concede. You're correct. I was drawing a direct parallel. The reason being, Obama was elected on the platform of "hope and change." He actually got the YOUTH in our nation to actually get out there, CARE about something, get OFF the video games and VOTE. Many of them for the first time. They were pumped up, excited. THIS guy wasn't the "same ol same ol"...... and what happened. He let them down miserably by being the most innefectual president this country has ever seen. You're wrong when you say that "the AMERICAN people don't have two clues to bang together." The AMERICAN people are a lot smarter than you think, AND they're getting pissed. Makes for an interesting election that's coming up.

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Last time I checked, if you made a SALARY (as our elected officials do) you worked however many hours you had to in order to get the job done. "Special Session" must be a new term that SALARIED government employees came up with in order to milk us dry. I call B.S. If you can't do your job, in the time allowed to do it, YOU'RE FIRED. (just like the rest of us would be)

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The interesting thing is this. Most of "the neighbors" hate our guts, even though we protect them. They're watching us waste our military might, dwindle our supplies and bankrupt ourselves on their behalf BECAUSE they want to see us fall. Let a country waste ALL of it's resources, and become weak, it's easier to control. They're not going to defend themselves..... they're biding time.

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Can I get an "amen!"?