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This is sad news. First Pete Steel from Type O Negative and now Ronnie James Dio. I grew up listening Dio, Black Sabbath/ Heaven and Hell and Rainbow. I don't think there is a metal band out there that wasn't influenced by him. Even in his mid sixties his voice was still better than most of the pop singers of today.

One of the most epic songs I have ever heard is "Stargazer" by Rainbow. Dio's voice is amazing on that song. I am going to put that song on and drink a beer in his memory.

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This is the scene that sold me

"Your tearing me apart Lizzza"

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I never understood how the Fast and the Furious movies got so big. I remember seeing the first one in theaters and I thought it was boring and kind of stupid. Maybe it's because I went to school with a bunch of so called "street racers." They were all annoying douche bags. But no, I saw it recently at a friends house and thought the movie was just lame.

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I agree. I sometimes listen to good gaster rap music like Ice Cube, NWA, 2Pac, Dr. Dre. But the rap that gets released today is garbage. If I could pin point when rap turned to crap, it would be when Puff Daddy hit the scene back in the late 90's. Now rappers seem more concerned with selling clothing and shoes than they are releasing some descent music. If I could pin point when rap turned to crap, it would be when Puff Daddy hit the scene back in the late 90's.

I'm also tired of seeing rappers in every other movie made (with an exception to ice cube, LL Cool J and maybe Common). I was watching Rock N Rolla the other day and I slapped my forehead when Ludacris came on screen.

Since High School I've been into another form of contraversial music, Metal. Good metal, the kind they don't play on the radio.

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I haven't watched those two for years. I'll watch Craig Ferguson, but I usually watch Red Eye for my late night viewing pleasure.

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1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- Very underrated movie. Every time I watch it, I find something new that I like about it. I've memorized that entire speech that Robert Downey Jr. gives about the women of Los Angeles.
2. Punisher: War Zone- One of the most entertaining and over the top violent movies I've seen since the last Rambo movie. I never knew there were so many ways a guy could lose his head.
3. The Last Boy Scout- I don't care what anyone says, I love this movie. Seen it many times. It's fun, doesn't take it's self too seriously, action packed and has some great dialogue.
4. Rock N Rolla- Not Guy Ritchies best, but still an entertaining movie. The chase with the two Russian guys had me laughing out loud.
5. Near Dark- After watching Twilight, I had to go out and rent a proper vampire flick. I like my vampires to be ruthless, blood thirsty and scary. Sure it has some plot holes, but who cares. It's a pure, entertaining B movie and that's good enough for me.

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I can't watch that clip. Everytime I watch SNL, I end up cringing after 20 seconds of viewing time. Too bad because I like the Rock.

One of my favorite episodes of South Park is when the hippies invade South Park and it's up to Cartmen to save the city and stop the dirty hippie horde.

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I love that movie. The fight between Roddy Pipper and Keith David is a classic. And some memorable one liners.

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Oh I agree. When I rented that terrible Halloween remake I had to go back to the video store and rent the original just to get that garbage out of my mind.

However, the Dawn of the Dead remake ruled.

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Thanks Andrew. You've got good taste in television shows. It's always great to meet a fellow Futurama fan. Heonist Bot is one of my favorite characters.

The MSM thinks anyone in California who is against raising taxes and supports a more secure border is a rabid conservative. It's not just Republicans who are angry about the tax raises, it's average citizens who are angry as well. California is an expensive state to live in as it is without the tax raises.

California is a diverse state. There are many republicans in California, but the liberals greatly out number them. How the republican party in CA came to the sad state it's in now, I'm not sure. I have only been following CA politics for the past 7 or 8 years (I'm 24 years young), so I don't know much of CA's political history. I'm sure someone knows more about it than I do.