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No, Andrea Libman voicing Pinkie?
I don't know what to say to that.
Pretty much out of character for me.

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Lyra, is that you?

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Marble toy please.

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I see a decrease in sales, because of the ways of character development and toys in marketing.
Like The whole cadence and shining armor, I feel was a marketing scheme, and was forced.

I really wanted to see cadence and shining armors development (before) they had a kid.
It seems they are being pushed off to the side.
Just like twilight. She doesn't really need wings to be a princess.

I feel as if, the Mane6 is losing it's grasp on friendship, and Hasbro wanting to go down the equestria girls side.

I admire this show because I've learned how to be an artist, which is what I love to do.
Lauren Faust gave me inspiration.

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Girl should of sent the letter to Lauren faust instead of Hasbro.
I feel companies do not care about letters from fans, or thank you, because of the amounts of money they make.

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I wonder how much my signed Lauren faust derpy hooves is worth now....

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Big pony at the end, was there a reference to that or to somebody?

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The end is not near, you fool.
People will love Ponies, even men for a long period of time.

Just look at Rareware. Even though thats kinda differant.

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Twilight's sparkle is a straight up lair.
Pinkie pie deserves more love from celestia than Twilight sparkle here.

Why does celestia look more dumbfounded in season 5?