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Homosexuals lie because they are Leftists. Leftists will lie at the drop of a hat. It is ingrained in their nature.

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Homosexuals have an intense hatred of straight people and refer to them as "breeders" which is the same as any other type of racial or bigoted slur as far as the feeling of hate that comes with it. Hypocrites.

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99.99% of all homosexuals are also Left Wing Socialists who use and wear their homosexuality as a "Badge of Socialism / Marxism". They think its "cool", different, and a way to "rebel against society". They think they are sophisticated and intelligent but really their brains are actually malfunctioned. Still others choose it because they are simply Left Wingers. Most homos are effete white Liberals. The vast majority are also simpering little pacifists. And as Rome fell, so too shall Britain eventually fall to the homosexual Left who will in turn be easily conquered by the Muslims. As the nation gets further homofied and sissified, where will the British warriors come from? America could face the same problem eventually. These conditions lead to MORE chance of nuclear war, not less. And the Left is attacking those defenses as well.

My full sympathies to those in Britain who also see this problem coming. There are many in Britain who agree with us here in the US about all this spiral into Left Wingism and the national destruction that it brings wherever it rears its Marxist head. I hope the forces of Straight in Britain and America can join and fight together.

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I will never by a GM car. I doubt I will ever buy a UAW car. Maybe Ford since they held their own and were not bailed out. And I don't like Ford for their bowing and scraping to the militant homosexual lobby. Where is the lucrative bailout for all the rest of us, replete with big fat bonuses?

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Democrats LOVE Islam! That's because they are idiots and Democrats would be slaughtered under Islam. Conservatives would actually do fine as far as being the less morally corrupt.

Hanging in Iran is not the fast, painless method. They simply slip a noose around your neck and hoist you, and you die from strangulation. Often they just raise you to your tip toes and let you strain for your life a while.

The Muzzies love torture and cruelty against the masses. It's in their blood.

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Can you imagine what these Democrats would do to the American people under the Stalinist Dictatorship that they desperately dream of, and are trying to achieve?

If the Democrats are allowed to achieve the fully oppressive regime they seek, then what would happen is the Democrat's Gestapo would line these kids up against the wall and put a bullet in the back of their heads.

This shows the oppressive, abusive, freedom hating, American hating nature of the DemoKrat party. This is the sickness and anti-Americanism, the love of Stalinism that simmers just below the surface of these Left Wing Nuts.

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Friggin Left Wing Nut Extremist Whack Jobs! Strip out all the "was he drunk", or any other questions. It's all excuses. Bottom line is an assault occured and we got it on video. File criminal assault charges immediately, then follow up with a civil suit that does NOT settle out of court but goes to trial. Frog march his ass.

Keep up the fight troops, pour on the pressure 24/7. Unrelenting attack, 24/7. The Libtards were warned they would rue the day that they introduced Alinksy into the national political discourse. Now they whine like little babies when they get their own tactics served back up to them. They made the bed, now they can lie in it.

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"Awalll Busher's Fallt!!!" (sic)

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BOGUS! Only Verified Skeptics can be allowed to put it under intense review. Otherwise - ITS JUST MORE OF THE SAME SCAM.

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Why are we even discussing the SCAM known as "AGW" anymore? It has already been proven to be a complete fabrication. An agenda driven political lie. The biggest scam in world history. Utter junk science.

These so called "scientists" can't get even basic geography facts correct?

AGW is utter rubbish. Anyone touting it or believing in it is a complete moron. A fool.