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The "buck" lies with the employer because they are taking advantage of the "lower imtellect" of their employees. Employers have a legal duty to enforce laws that protect their workers no matter IF they ask their employee's permission or not.

So in this case this employer (mine) would not have a leg to stand on. Problem is that there are a lot of these type of employers around. This is a multi million employer. And most of the employees are either not clued up or easily pressured. Does not change that it is the employer that has the duty here.

IF I were a lefty rather than a righty this would be an absolute goldmine with walkouts everywhere!!!

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My supervisor was going round today (because of some deliveries next week) asking people who was prepared to work within 2 metres next week!!!! I said NO WAY!

I could rant about that but there is no need. I guess I will have to make sure I am squeaky clean for the next year at work.

This "advice" will not work. employers are looking purely at "how can we interpret this whilst ignoring it" and some dumbass employees think that this advice is all bout direct 1 to 1 choices rather than a mathematical modelling of contagion.

Should be everything closed by the weekend other than "keyworkers" and it made clear what is "keyworkers" or this will end up bad. Employers in this country are always looking to interpret the "grey areas." They need to be told clearly they can;t pick and choose what the rules are and that they can;t go round asking their employees if they are prepared to work within a container less than 2 meters as if it is the employee's choice*.

*Yes I was asked that today!!!!

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The "reasoning" given to us at work today was that because we are an e-commerce business that government advice is for us to remain open as internet sales dissuades people from buying from brick and mortar shops.

I can quite understand this for essentials but our business does not sell essentials and thus no shops are open that sell what we sell anyway. We are not keeping anyone off the streets.

All this is doing is allowing business' a reason to ignore the problem and rack up some profit while all the shops are open.

In a briefing held outside our business to allow space between each other we were also told (blatant BS) by the boss that he didn't know if the 80% applied to us anyway.

This site is quite big. 20 artic loads (and their drivers) go out each day. Approx 50 workers. It is one of 16 sites across the country. However we work in pairs. Impossible for us to keep the distances from each other and we are handling paperwork and product that everyone has touched as we are all picking from the same stock.

This is going to end up badly.

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My work is not a keyworker role. My employer has said nothing so far. Of course it is essential that I travel to work if I go to work.

But without any clarity stating that only "keyworkers" should be going to work I am likely to not be paid AND possibly be fired for not turning up as it stands.

They need to get on TV and other platforms TONIGHT and clarify what they mean here because employees across the land will be going to work as normal tomorrow because they have to.

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But the game has changed. They used to talk on behalf of the working class. Now they talk on behalf of the new middle class' "concern" for the working class.

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He obviously means only keyworkers to go to work so I wish he had said that. Instead a lot of us are now stuck in a knowing but not knowing circle where our employers are staying silent and thus we have to go in to work tomorrow.

He and they (government) MUST clarify this tonight otherwise everybody will be going to work tomorrow (if their business is open) because otherwise they do not know what will happen with their pay......or their jobs.

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I agree. the article is not far from the truth.
the "happy with social change" isn't so accurate though. No we don't want to be activists against the identity politics and wokeness brigade but we would react very well to seeing some of our politicians stop playing along with that game and speak to the real world.

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Hence the Imps badge as my avatar ;)

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They press F5 on Guido and ConservativeHome.

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Lincoln would be a great suggestion. Blue County.