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Hammer Influence of Death?

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This one's not worth the let me get you something.

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6) Grab Raiden's feet while he screams "REABUMBALAYEEE!!"

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Hmm...I wonder how that happened? I mean, the "inb4" part is right next to it. Could it be-*gasp*-a vision-impaired -1 troll?!

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Hey, if candlejack approves, then it has my vo-

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Whew...I just finished playing a round (I think I got up to either the 5th or 6th level), and I honestly find my lack of fail disturbing. The original never ceased to taunt me with everything BUT the line pieces, and yet a turntable version almost seems like instinct.

...Is Tetraces on his day off, or something?

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So, instead of "paunch," it'll sound more like "faulnsh?" Well then, here's a question for y'all: would that be more lulz-worthy, or less?

Oh, and please be as unbiased as possible; I know tensions between Wolf and Falcon are high, but I don't want this going up in flames.

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An angry mob rioting against MrRaccoon? The physical embodiment of the rioter's spirit?! The PATRON OF PITCHFORK?!!

It will either go down in history as the "Raccoon Rampage," or give birth to...

Riot Wars!
Directed by John Woo!
Starring MrRaccoon as himself, and
Featuring Samuel L. Jackson as Darth Badger!
Coming February 30th to a theater near you!!

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Looks like Peach...
*puts on zombie mask* on a thrill ride.