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Sorry, Janice, but after consulting with the bathroom scale I must refuse your request to add Cheetos to the shopping list.

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I worked with a programmer who would leave the room--as in bolt out the door--while the microwave was in operation.

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Wow, a copy of that poster would make my den complete.

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If they only still made them with such simple controls. We have about 7 different models at work spread out over several different break rooms, each with totally different methods of operation. With maybe a couple of exceptions I've come across, microwave ovens get my vote as the devices with the most illogical, counter-intuitive controls ever.

Our first microwave lasted well over 10 years. The second about 6. The third about 4. With labor rates being what they are now, I'm shocked (no pun intended) that they're even worth trying to repair.

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When I was a kid my parents owned a slot-car racing shop during the mid-60s slot-car craze. We had 3 hand-built tracks for the larger 1/24 scale cars, consisting of a Daytona tri-oval, a Daytona Continental road course, and my favorite, a Sebring road course. These were big, 8-lane tracks, with the Sebring having an approx. 125 ft. foot lap distance. We had numerous endurance races, including a 24-hour on the Sebring track, with 6 hours run in the dark with only the car's head and tail lights to illuminate the track. Phenomenal fun and great memories. As a side note, slot racing was big enough at that time to have factory and shop sponsored teams touring the country. $100 motors were not unusual, serious money in the 60s.

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And a moment after this photo was taken, a pigeon fluttered down to settle on the roof....

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It's an airship mooring mast. I had a model of the R101 with its mooring mast when I was a kid. We were supposed to have them everywhere by now for our vast fleets of commercial airships. And gyroplanes in our garages. And jetpacks. I miss the future that never was.

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1800s vintage Turkish ox hoof grouter swivels, but they're missing the frelgnizk handles.

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Hopefully we can get back to manned flight capability before Russia decides to stop flying us and changes the door locks on the ISS.

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In Florida, I got a chance to fly in a C-47 that had actually towed a Waco glider in support of the Normandy landings on D-Day. You could just feel the history in that plane. And on top of that, the flight I got to tag along on was filled with the Army's Golden Knights doing a jump for an air show. Quite a memory.