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Verminous no-bodies like Hughes remind me of the fable of the frog and the scorpion: The frog wanted to be carried over a river by the scorpion but was afraid he might get killed by his enemy. The scorpion assured him that he wouldn't be harmed, so the frog climbed on his back and half way across the river, the scorpion struck with his sting. Gasping and dying, the frog asked the scorpion why he had broken his word and killed him. The scorpion scornfully replied: "It's my nature!"
So too will perish all those Muslim appeasers who think they can run with these creatures and be their friends. Death awaits them.

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This is good news indeed! The sheer silliness of the "Classical European Liberalism" in continuing to do nothing in the face of this lethal Muslim threat simply shows it up for what it is - a political philosophy that is no longer relevant - and worse - an idealogy that has no idea of the nature of the popular fear regarding the future. Ivory tower escapism, muddle, cowardice and wishful thinking is no substitute for the resolute action proposed by the European right.

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Calling all Nationalists! Get aware of the truth about what the muslims are up to in Europe. Read "Reflections on the Revolution in Europe" by Christopher Caldwell, Allen Lane, 2009.
That this book is out in the mainstream media is a miracle. It exposes the lies of the multiculturalists and the double-speak of the appeasers of the "Religion of Peace." At last, an authoritative unPC expose
of the whole terrible saga. Get it. Read it. Act on it!

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To all readers who want to know more about the Muslim takeover of Europe - read this book!
"Refelctions on the Revolution in Europe" by Christopher Caldwell, 2009.
Refreshingly anti PC and bang up to date. It will leave you angry and bitter, but more knowledgable and able to enter the fray with purpose and determination.

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I met Mr. Brons at the last Trafalgar Club dinner and also heard him speak at the RWB. I have also watched his speeches from the European Parliament and am convinced that we have here a politician of great intelligence, allied to a genial and genuinely warm personality. We need to keep Andrew on board and do all we can to evince our appreciation of his fine performance on behalf of the Party.

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Odd, but no-one has as yet suggested that all those millions of de-housed Pakistanis could come over here and live in the UK. And why not? After all, we've got the space, the infrastructure and of course, the jobs. They would be a great boost to the enrichment programme and help speed the final extinction of the grateful natives!

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Tunisia was once part of the great Roman Christian Empire, along with Egypt, Syria and modern Palestine - to say nothing of Turkey. Why are their populations no longer Christian? Because the peace-loving Moslems took them by the sword in the 7th century and persecuted the natives over centuries into adopting their religion. In the once-Christian West, the sword has now been replaced by the womb, and the same result will come about, provided the current demographics continue and our "leaders" pretend it isn't happening.

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I take the view that has been expressed by a few previous contributors, that even if the BNP takes some "hard pounding" in the immediate short term, the future long term prospects are sound for success. Because . . . the issues that motivate patriots and nationalists are NOT going away - far from it - they are destined to get very much worse! How soon before another Muslim outrage? How soon before government cuts cause real pain to the TV drugged sheeple? The items on the agenda are legion and coming to a front room near you! We know the score - soon more and more will awake and share our perception. For the things that we curse and which motivate us to action are not going to disappear. They will get ever nastier and be felt far and wide in this unfortunate land. Then the hour will come.

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Stuff the lot of them! Morons, wimps, yellow-backs and materialist stooges the lot. A fair roll call of all the forces of decay, decadence and rottenness in this once Great Nation!

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We are about to witness in the space of one generation, the death of two millenia of Christian European civilization. And all brought about by traitors, liars and pigmy politicians. If the current generation fails to do what their ancestors have had to do, then it's "Good Night Vienna" with a vengeance!