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Thank you for remembering that Ashrak.

There have been so many terrible events which have taken place in the last few years (and before, but I wasn't awakened at that time), I can't remember them. And they are so shocking.

Or we don't find out till after the fact, which also makes it more like a footnote

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My research has led me to the believe that "crowdsourcing" is the new name for the Delphi Technique. And crowdsourcing by the Left is absolutely done in the Alinsky method, which is total manipulation.

Hat Tip to my Denver connection for turnin' me on to the Delphi Technique. It has been EXTREMELY enlightening.

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"The only story here is that Terrence Howard handled this like any reasonable man would in this situation."


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Mr. Bruce Abramson! You have made one of the BEST and most AWESOME arguments I've ever heard/read:

"I suggested that my Marxist friend might have things exactly backwards. I proposed that there is no such thing as “excess” in a capitalist system; what he had identified was actually “surplus.” And it is the very concept of surplus that enables events like Burning Man. Around the country, Burners are productive enough fifty-one weeks a year to spend the fifty-second “gifting” the bounty that they have accumulated. No one leaves for Burning Man, I noted, wondering whether the gifts they are distributing would render them incapable of affording food or rent upon their return. "

I am blown away by its simplicity, and yet it is so profound.

Thank you for this. You are a true Patriot. A fine example of American Exceptionalism.

Yours in Liberty.

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Very sorry to hear that tkl80221... it is almost impossible to imagine that this nightmare is that far advanced and so many of us are just finding out about it. They cloak it so well in their do-gooder facade.

Is the New Orleans guy, this guy?

Is it this same problem that has been happening since 2010?

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I can only imagine that the powers that be are clinking their champagne glasses in a toast that another of the pieces of their plan to crash our economy and create chaos has succeeded. This is not a blow to this administration. This is all just part of the plan. I fully believe that. It is part of the playbook.

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Beautiful. Thank you gentlemen, this is absolutely beautiful as well as educational and inspiring.

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I will always remember seeing the image of that building on TV, and feeling the overwhelming grief as the reports of how many people were killed, including the children were coming in. But then, those feelings were eclipsed and the ground dropped beneath my feet when I found out that it was an American who was the Terrorist. I just couldn't believe that. I was shocked to my core.

I've heard people describe the feeling of terror and dismay in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the Weather Underground was engaged in their bombing campaign. From what I've read, they bombed 20+ cars and buildings. People didn't know where they would strike next, and how much it would escalate. The fact that they were Americans must have been just as much of a shock at that time, as Timothy McVeigh in the 1990s.

It floors me that the terrorists who committed those acts are now designing our Legislative policy. What kind of altered universe are we living in?

I am so glad I am now awake.