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Hmm...I've been very conflicted by these disclaimers, especially for church employees. It's always had a sense of ridiculousness to it. Honestly, my viewpoint, concerns, ideas, and language are some of the very reason I work at the church I work at! So to then disclaim them sounds kind of silly! Especially, when so much of my job is social interaction and personal.

What I do like about this particular disclaimer though is the " They are not read or approved by North Point Ministries, Inc., before posting". That seems to be a good articulation of a disclaimer that I'd use if I had one...which maybe I should whenever I revive my lifeless site :(
My recent post I’ve lost my internet footprint

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So you really didn't know he turned into a werewolf? I take it you're Team Edward then?

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Every month with a new desktop background, my icons get cleaned up. I think I have 4 stagnant that are the Mac HD and 3 folders. Curiously, other things pile up throughout the month but at the end, they get ditched or put in their place. I do like it as clean as possible!

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You never disappoint John :)
Got mine yesterday and almost chose this one! But it looked a bit too Thanksgivingish with all the reddish burntish colors.
I had a hard time b/c we also don't get snow until maybe January or Feb if at all so I didn't want a snow one or a Santa one, I'd rather a Jesus one but they didn't have that. I chose the Seek Him one.

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TIM! WOW. We're in the middle of the budget projections for 2010 and I was going to turn mine in today and then I thought...I should check out Ministry Questions and find out if I'm forgetting anything! Apparently I was :)
Great post! I'm actually now going to turn mine in by tomorrow and rethink my budget. I think I'm pretty much on target but as I look at Volunteer Appreciation/Training category it seems wickedly thin compared to other items.

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Made the same mistake with my first laptop (back then a Toshiba) and getting a 17". Fortunately after the 1st weekend I found out how terribly not meant to be mobile it was! I was able to return it though for a 15" which now is a relic next to my MBP.

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I keep waiting for Kanye West to interrupt this shenanigans and say that someone should make a business card for him.



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Wow...I'm curious if the hateraide drinkers are long time listeners or simple lurkers? Blogging is about community people. An online community. It looks different than physical community but it manifests the same way. In my community I ask people for free stuff all the time!
Can you help me move? I suck at wood work can you help me fix my cabinets? This is my first time tiling floors, mind giving me a hand at doing this? And I even...shock of all shocks...ask people within my circle of friends who do that for a living...GASP...the horror :)
Sorry, I'm being a bit sarcastic. It's Monday.
Seriously, though I think if you get what a blog community is all about and get John's heart for things this isn't a big deal. AND if you have to have someone give you something for free just so you can give them something for free in return? Um...don't give it away then.

Love you John and hope you get a killer business card.

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Um...only 3 times? Yeah I got a little crazy. Had to tell a friend of mine how to hide my updates on facebook :), they said it would be like a marathon? No, that was more like a cage fight for 9 hours. Intense, amazing, and all day! Loved it though :)

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WOWZERS! I've been hooked since Final Fantasy on the 8bit!
The sole reason I bought the Play Station (not 2 just THE Playstation) was because that's the system they released Final Fantasy and wow this looks stellar! I don't think that I've bought a game though in like 3 years!