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First of all, I like to hear all opinions - I just filter them through my gray matter and then decide if they are valid to me. But I was surprised to hear Maher and Olberman say the Beck doesn't believe anything or can say what he believes. Mr Beck expounds and expresses his views very well for a "common man". Maybe Maher needs to quit hiding behind his first admendment rights and Mr Beck should invite him on his show.

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GM plants are not benign. They are a huge danger because of a myriad of reasons: the fact that GM is playing God with the food source - nature has been genetically modifying itself for thousands of years, more pesticides and herbicides are used and resistant weeds are showing up which exaccerbates the use of pesticides and herbicides, etc. I have problems being a lab rat.

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Jesus said "Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's, and give to God what is God's. Fair or unfair, we live (hopefully still live) in one of the greatest countries in the history of the world. Our country was founded on the understanding that we must all work together for the greater good. I am glad I live in this country - instead of Imperial Rome, Communist Soviet Union, or anyother country where the Bill of Rights doesn't exist.

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I fully and totally believe that people need to be independent and selfish when it comes to what they put in their body. Enough of the sheep mentality that allows people into a completely false sense of security. How long have salmonella poisoning been in the news? How long have hormones and antibiotics been injected into our meat? How long have pesticides and herbicides been polluting our topsoil and air? This symbol is just another way to offer a solution to an ill-informed public. There are natural solutions. Grow your own food. Buy no hormone milk. Support local farms. Ask questions and if the answer is wrong - dont buy it.