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There are so many things wrong with this, and I think you undersell yourself enormously by suggesting you are only sexist 'to a degree'.

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except men don't routinely get described like that, which is the point Charlotte was making.

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ALL special advisers are 'temporary civil servants'.

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well said

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They’re not hiding - have a look at the website, the link is in the article, there’s a picture of many of them there!

As for whether they’re behind the PM - they’re a mixed group, which is good. I’d like to think they’ll deal with policies as they find them, not on a one-size-fits-all approach to whether they’re pro or anti. I doubt very much they all agree agree on everything! They’re all Tories, they all want a Tory government.

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The twenty year old is trying to protect their grandmother, or the type 1 diabetic they live with, or the person with COPD they care for. Don't be so self-absorbed as to assume you have any idea why they're doing it.

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it certainly wasn't Boris or Cummings. Any wins in Scotland were in spite of, not due to to, the Westminster campaign

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Perhaps we need to give Harry some space and time. He doesn't sound like someone is is coping very well with all of this...

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Every single MP and staffer I have spoken to (from both sides of the Chamber) has been dealing with more constituency contact and casework than ever before - the idea they could be furloughed is a very ignorant one. They are doing their absolute best to get answers for local businesses, schools, charities and individuals. This is time consuming and complicated - not least because departments are overwhelmed. The ability to table questions and ask ministers about their plans isn't just a nice to have, it's invaluable at this time.
As for the announcement that IPSA is providing a temporary increase in the budget, I can't believe you don't know this, but in case you are as ignorant as you appear: it's not 'given' - it must be justified for genuine expenses related to the work; MPs didn't sanction it, that's for IPSA; plenty of Commons staff don't work from home and don't have (secure, Parliamentary) laptops so for them this is a necessity. And if you think any MP or anyone who works for an MP (and it's the staff who benefit most from this measure) goes into it for the money then you have a lot of learning to do.

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I have never required an abortion but I can tell you now that if I did I would have no problem justifying it. And I would and have said the same to any female friend who sought one.

You can call it a child and murder all you like but the fact is the law is not on your side and nor are those of us who care more for the women who need safe access to care than we do about the morals of someone who is at odds with the law and the majority of society.

I am not 'ignoring' your point, I simply believe it to be profoundly wrong. I don't expect to change your mind, and no amount of your belief that you are in some way morally superior to me or anyone who believes in a woman's right to choose will change mine. But views like yours are dangerous and throughout history have seen too many women suffer because another group (mostly, but not exclusively men) thought they were superior and had the right to tell women what to do. Thankfully your views hold no legal weight and we are free to ignore them, which I assure you, we will.