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The union clowns will talk themselves out of jobs if they aren't careful. Another example of unions trying to justify their existence. Unfortunately it is doing just the opposite. If anyone wants to know what is fueling the increase in anti-union activism in this country it is these types of asinine acts. The Port of Portland already has an uphill battle with West Coast ports because it is so far inland. This will just make the decision to go to Seattle or California that much easier.

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The fact that Sandusky showed no emotion as the verdict was read speaks volumes about his own silent admission of guilt and acceptance of what will most likely be a life sentence due to his age. Let's hope this sick POS gets some measure of justice every day in prison. Pedophiles are incurable and pedophilia should be a capital offense. Now if they can only get convictions for the others who helped cover this up for so many years.

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Ashton Eaton is a world class act and so deserving to own the world record in the toughest series of track and field events, the decathlon. Congratulations Mr. Eaton and may you have equally good performances in London at the Olympics.

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Come on man, beating women is just wrong!

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Condolences to Mr. Hall's family, friends, and co-workers. There can be no greater sacrifice than giving your life to save that of another. Your memory will live on Mr. Hall, just as those you helped save. RIP.

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"Portland residents need to watch how that money is spent, so it does not get diverted to pet projects. "

Good luck with that. More often than not it appears fees, charges, and taxes are simply a means of carrying out the city council's priorities irrespective of a nexus between the source of revenue and the use.

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Unfortunately this is a reflection of the society we have created. Kids are raised without discipline, they do not respect themselves so they can't respect anyone else, and parents are often just breeders. Some of the problems are created by our society's inability to understand the difference between discipline and child abuse - yes, they are different and corporal punishment has its place. Generations ago kids would have been ashamed of themselves for acting like this and even more so for getting caught. Today they are heros to their friends and classmates as viral video stars. The kids who participated in this disgraceful act should never be allowed to ride the bus again. Of course that will never happen which is why our society continues in a downward spiral. Sad, very sad.

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How much did the City Council charge the Occupy Portland protestors?

It is interesting that the city wants parks users to pay their own way while spending million on bike paths with nary a penny from bike riders. I thought parks and recreation were funded by property taxes, like most other city services are supposed to be. I guess it simply does not fall into the city council's priority list.

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He's a sexual predator because he used his position of power to "persuade" a naive young woman who worked for him to have sex.

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Another "mother" (using the term loosely) who expects the schools to raise her children. Memo to Michener: Take responsibility for your own offspring, and teach them how to avoid a sunburn. It is not the school's responsibility to make sure your kids are properly dressed, have sunscreen if necessary, or are smart enough to get out of the sun if they are burning. That is what parenting is all about.