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you need to read Year Zero, it's like hitchhikers guide meets the music industry and your question about what earth has to offer the rest of the universe. Between chocolate and music I think we'll be okay!

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have there been very many extra moon stops? I tend to notice deviations and haven't noticed that very often, but these videos are taking the place of an overdue re-read so I'm not fresh.

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I feel the same way about the NME. If they bring more people to the books they're amazing, but I have such a strong affection for them just the way they are, I'm not used to feeling quite this hipster-y :D

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I'm not seeing the video? It just says vid where the vid should be, is my internet broken? I can't find it roundabout through google either, but you guys can see it right?

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That's a really good point I hadn't connected before. Sad, but well put and Duane's too good for that to fit in so well accidentally.

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I've always agreed with you on this point, but they way I've rationalized it to myself is the distinction in how the wizardry works on land and in the sea. If a whale were to volunteer off the cuff the way Nita had, the sea would inform them of the requirements in real time. Between that and the cultural differences of magic being an integral known part of life and the Song being generally known of under the ocean S'ree certainly should have known better but all things considered she did alright to know to give them time to research and asking if she was sure as many times as she did.

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Mark, you're doing such a great job reading the names and the Speech! If you or others following along were interested though, I can't recommend the audio books read by Christina Moore highly enough. She is absolutely incredible at giving the names and each voice character. Ed's voice, Ponch, Sree, that dog in the convenience store, they're all outrageously wonderful.