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Wait, they're changing the name of ABC Family's network? O.o why???

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I still don't get why people ship ButtonBelle...I mean they only showed up like once together...I think. :/ Even after watching that Button Mash's Adventures short films or whatever it's called, I just couldn't see it happening.

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I don't get why they didn't put in ANY of the Wonderbolts...I mean they put in Spitfire's mom, but where the heck are the BEST FLYING TEAM?? ;3;

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Oh, THIS movie...

I'm sorry, but everytime I see the words "Into the Woods" I yell out AAAGONYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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Howl's Moving Castle :3

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Ewwww AppleDash :P

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I don't think you should cover Them Fightin' Herds anymore. It's not really pony-related, and I also don't think art and such for it should be posted on here either. I mean, this website IS for ponies, right?

More contests should be held during the year. Yes, more contests would be nice. Fanfic contests, art contests, anything that can pass time during hiatuses and such.

I don't normally view Drawfriends or look at PMVs nor listen to pony music nor fanfics because there's just a little too much, a bit too time consuming.

Saucy images should still be hidden, just to play it safe. There ARE kids who roam this website...don't want them viewing drawfriend posts and seeing all these sexualized ponies.

Trixie is not the best, but she is like...11th best in my list.

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Oh dear god that Celestia costume tho...

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This is gonna generate some...interesting shipping art.

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Remember that one time when Pinkie Pie somehow ran into Cheese's old glasses from when he was a filly and decided to have Cheese Sandwich try them on? Yes, Pinkie was totally adoring the look! Cheese wasn't so sure though, he blushed like mad! "Pinkie...I'm not so sure about this..." he moaned in embarrassment right before Pinkie placed them onto him. "Oh come on Cheesie! I bet they will look PERFECT on you!" Before he knew it, on his muzzle were his old glasses, which were pretty outgrown. "Pinkie, this is embarrassing..." Pinkie giggled and cried out "But they're cuuuuuute!!" Cheese's face was burning, and Pinkie chuckled at the stallion who stood before her, loving him just as he was.