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Hey alsacien, you make good sense in a sense filled world. Unfortunately the world isn't sense filled anymore. Cash for Clunkers is nothing more than a government gimmick program. But that doens't go far enough. It's a program to get control of you. Glenn keeps saying, they're coming for we the people. From the big CEO's all the way down to us. Cash for Clunkers will leave people with overwhelming monthly payments on their current and/or previous cars. This will in turn have the government repossessing cars. On top of that, people got to remember other important things like the mortgage, utilities, cable, etc... This Cash for Clunkers is going to end up giving higher unemployment, more foreclosures, and untimitely tyranny will bind them down with its iron fist.

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Hey AmandaBland, it's a small world after all. I'm Mormon just like you. Romney is more qualified on the main issues of the here and now. In 2012 will the issues change, I don't see that happening. My only worry about Mitt Romney is that I think he's too modertate of a Republican.

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DISCLAIMER: I'll say this upfront. My opinions on this decision do not affect my feelings towards Sarah Palin. I still think she is an inspiration.

I'll admit that I'm still perplexed by her decision. She now has three options in front of her.

1. Quit Politics for good
2. Run for the Senate in 2010
3. Run for President in 2012

The first option is the least risky. Unfortunately she would leave on a sour note with her quitting the Governor's job. The second option is the most logical. Running for the Senate in 2010 will require her to study up on the issues she can't do as Governor. Still, this option isn’t easy; she'll be criticized for quitting her job as Governor. The third option is the most risky. Running for the highest office in the land requires a steadfast and immovable person, one who will remain firm. I just don't see that from her. I may be wrong, time will only tell.

Finally, I'd like to comment on her speech. She delivered the speech, but it was a different Sarah. She sounded like she gave up. She hinted towards all three options. That makes for mixed signals. This will be interesting to watch.

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I remember spotting this on the internet a few months ago. This has a great lesson tied into it. But two ironic things come from this film. One, at that time freedoms were being slowly taken away. The Great Depression had taken away much, and the proposal for Medicare and Medicaid was in the same year as this film. Two, the ones today who sell the isms are politicians back in Washington. That's probably the scariest part of it all. The problems then were in Washington, but not nearly as much as today. Washington is now the personification of greed, corruption, and lies. It’s sad that a city with so much history or our Republic is the center of all that seeks to transform it.

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I wonder if there are more than 661,235 9/12ers now. It hasn't been updated in weeks, I think.

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Now some are talking about the deficit, inflation, debt, all that stuff. Of course this should all have been considered years ago, arguably, decades ago. The progressive has been building deficits, aiding in inflation, and racking up debt for decades. These problems didn't start last fall, they didn't start eight years ago, they didn't start a few decades ago, they began over a century ago. Now this country is at the breaking point of a century's worth of horrid bills, spending, and increased government control. To start worrying about it now is not only the height of stupidity, but also the depths of ignorance.

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The 9/12 Project is a site devoted to the 9 Principles and 12 Values that bind many Americans together. The Tea Parties are groups of 9/12ers and other Americans coming together on principles and values mutually shared. The 9/12 Project isn't political because it doesn't support any candidate or party platform. The Tea Parties may become somewhat political, only to the extent of supporting candidates and party platforms it sees are most in line with its beliefs. But the 9/12 project should never support a politial candidate or party platform.

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Hey RobynTaylor, sorry but I haven't read "Liberal Fascism". Hope you'll like Glenn's book. It's already #1 on Amazon for books, and #2 on Barnes and Noble for books. I haven't decided if I'm going to buy it yet, since if got so many new books to read as it is. I'm not the fastest reader out there, so I don't want to go overboard on books. But maybe in a month or so I'll buy it.

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I sure hope Glenn's book does well, it looks like it will. That's great gTex, buying Glenn's book as gifts. We've got to spread the word everywhere we can.

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"Rights of Man" by Thomas Paine
"Liberty and Tyranny" by Mark Levin