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106 weeks ago @ Filibuster Cartoons - So long 2015 · 0 replies · +1 points

JJ, did you ever play Spec Ops: The Line?

If anything Undertale's fourth-wall breaking was to me a spiritual successor to Spec Ops albeit goofier. It could still be just as dark though. The problem was it was attempting to deceive people as a Call of Duty clone and unlike Undertale couldn't get a massive social media/fanart following but to me hit home a lot more than Undertale. If you haven't played Spec Ops, it's I think now only $6 USD given it's been out since 2012 but trust me on this one if you really want to play a gem. It also features some great acting via Bruce Boxleitner from TRON and Kid from Kid n' Play.

128 weeks ago @ Filibuster Cartoons - The wrong side of Hillary · 0 replies · +5 points

Honestly I was hopeful Hillary wouldn't run some campaign that'd cater to the already illogical and bored middle to upper-class white women who use feminism to try to dislodge everything logical, but man have I been disappointed as of late. And the worst thing is a Hillary win will only inflate the outright stupidity, because you and I really know she could not care about the "manspreading" plights of some bored twentysomething with a good job. But she will ride that idiocy to crazy votes and how these women and other spineless progressives will line up to go nuts after Bernie for her sake is what is scary and disappointing at the same time.

128 weeks ago @ Filibuster Cartoons - What "cuckservative" t... · 1 reply · +2 points

I think part of what we're seeing, at least on a social media aspect, is the more ignorant sections of demographs speaking out thinking there's some ideological black and white that must be obeyed and brought "back to order" for their personal feels. If anything, it's very much like the left in the cries of oppression and misrepresentation that are either nonexistent or completely minute. The strange thing is that for all their hooting and hollering, there are a few legit issues at their core. But as mentioned before, it's reduced to hooting, hollering, and an absurdity where you really have to wonder if these folks are just trolling or they're that stupid.

I think there are a lot of folks in the US who get upset that Israeli politicians come here and expect that we owe them something. There are a lot of Americans who get upset that they've put in their hard work only to watch private companies reach out to immigrants just so they can pay them less. There are a lot who also really think the academic system of the United States and other Western nations have lost their essence because liberal arts has produced some of the most worthless degrees of self-importance that rivals even fine arts degrees.

The anti-"cuckservative" movement unfortunately takes these and runs them through the mud because they want to take the superficial and quick laugh over actual concern. It's as you's like the young libertarians who don't know their ass from their elbow so they read some Daily Beast articles and then wax philosophical. There are issues that do indeed affect white folks, as social media seems intent on demonizing them constantly, but it's a lack of intelligent leadership that causes such theories to be completely idiotic.

138 weeks ago @ Filibuster Cartoons - Are video games too se... · 0 replies · +2 points

This is agreeable to a degree. Some aspects of culture, like honor killing, have no place in modern society though and cannot be accepted/respected as they also transgress onto civil law and commonality.

However everything else can be seen as spot on. SJWs seem to have this hypocritical notion of forcing their "acceptance" down your throats yet ironically becoming that which they demonize. And notice how many of them are essentially middle to upper class white kids too. You know what this is? It's a product of sheer BOREDOM.

141 weeks ago @ Filibuster Cartoons - New cartoon: Punching ... · 0 replies · +2 points

Gotta love the hypocrisy behind Trudeau. He'll go bananas over conservative thinking but the second it starts to border into the realm of "feels" like attacking the legitimate critic points of Islam and those who follow, apparently then such satire gets what is coming to it via hate or even violence. I used to respect him too...I feel dirty now.

144 weeks ago @ Filibuster Cartoons - A rebuttal to Anita Sa... · 0 replies · +2 points

Swing and a miss, buddy.

The point is that Anita goes on this tirade and expects Americans to do something about it when in fact they have in their own syndicated versions of Japanese video games. Most of her "damsels" are from Japanese games, not American, yet she prattles on about how patriarchal America and the West is being. It's absolutely important to understand where these games are coming from if they're coming from a culture that doesn't see women in gaming the way we do. There's no point in bringing up an actual problem in media if the targeted audience is NOT the core who can change it.

It doesn't support HER argument because SHE never brings it up to begin with. She brings up Japanese examples and then pins it on the West as being a problem of the West...when it's not.

Get it now?

156 weeks ago @ Filibuster Cartoons - On Charlie Hebdo · 0 replies · +2 points

Which pretty much would only prove that satire in North America is selective and biased, which if anything actually destroys the true essence of satire where nothing is sacred and no one is protected. Moliere would be very disappointed.

166 weeks ago @ Filibuster Cartoons - Democrats fail at divi... · 0 replies · +2 points

It's pretty much why I wish Elizabeth Warren would just shut the hell up. The fact she has personally allied herself with con artists such as Anita Sarkeesian makes me completely erode any and all support for her when she's not being on Cloud Cuckoo Land. Of course any leftist finds her to be a wet dream which is even sadder.

166 weeks ago @ Filibuster Cartoons - Democrats fail at divi... · 2 replies · +8 points

The problem is as it stood only a third of the nation actually voted...A THIRD.

That's very sad, especially among registered voters. Others, as JJ demonstrated, clearly shot themselves in the foot and lost connection trying to appeal to a far lefter audience than just appealing to the majorly moderate folk who just want to make sure they'll have stable jobs. Martha Coakley couldn't run a campaign to save her life and it was proven when she couldn't even remember simple details of her own state. That's the problem. They're disconnected.

I'm not too thrilled about the GOP winning but I can't say the Dems weren't to blame at all on this.

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Well it looks like tumblr finally found JJ's blog. This language alone proves it. Next thing I bet you'll be telling us about your triggers and how we're all cishet sh**lords.