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Do the "royal penis cleaners" still have a job, or did they have to move back to Zamunda?

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All snark aside, could that man's wife be any less pleasant? So, Joe is shmarmy and suave, spends WAY too much time taking pictures and charming the hell out of insane amounts of family members, kisses babies, makes small talk, helps mom out of the wheelchair while son just stands idly by.... and then, after frowning and being annoying, she ends with "can i get a photo with just my parents?" No wonder that baby was stone cold crying and picking her nose all over the place.

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Yup. Anyone who isn't overwhelmingly supporting Mittens has his eyes trained on 2016.
But the thought of Christie steamrolling Hillary is, well, ummmm, THANKS FOR THAT NASTY IMAGE.

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CHRISTIE 2016! I mean, come on folks, we all know it's coming.

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But this happened in the liberal elitist socialist communist East Coast. So who gives a crap?

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Rebecca, I have SO MANY questions:
Which couldn't-quite-make-it-to-U.S.-Senator did you bang?
Was he good?
Did he give as well as receive?
Were you trying to sleep your way to the top? If so, the top of what?
Did you wash your stained dress afterwards?
I accept both factual and alleged responses.

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Why isn't this getting the play that Handsome Ol' Joe got when he made that whole "I wouldn't let anyone I care about get on a plane" statement?

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This letter has changed my mind.
I am no longer angry at the judge lady.

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But as the possesser of a vagina, would President Palin be advised to lock herself in her bedroom after dark so as not to have her vagina groped too? also.

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By counting in French, all you do is prove your allegiance to the elite liberal media. Stoopid French Frey loving lamestream media lackey.