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Don't be fooled! Michael Savage is still banned, and other conservative talk show hosts may be too! That includes Beck, Hannity, Rush.. The English government is violating European Union law by banning anyone from entering there country for speaking there mind. Our secretary of state is useless is wont do anything about this.. This is her job after all.. To represent us internationally. Guess she forgot that.

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It shouldn't matter if they don't like savage. That's not what it's about. If it can happen to Savage why can't it happen to them? Or you? The fact is they act like they are for the Constitution and for the people but someone gets banned from the UK that they don't like because he's mean!! It just so happens Savage has the 3rd largest radio show in the country, Seems to me it's more about him being a competitor... Egg on there face!

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Michael Savage was banned from entering the UK by there version of Homeland security Jackie Smith. She has since been fired, but Michael savage remains on the ban list along with Terrorists and murders. Recently through the freedom of information act of 2000 Michael Savage uncovered in emails he was targetted because he is white and jewish and was put there to appease the large muslim population that has over taken the UK. When guys like Beck, Hannity, and Rush sit quiet while this happens to a "Conservative talk radio" personality it makes them look bad, and that they only care about ratings and themselves.

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It's sad that no one in the media talks about Michael Savage being banned from entering the UK. I expect more from guy's like Hannity, Beck, Rush ect, they can take there right wing garbage and shove it.