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“Privately, MPs from all sides recognise that they are likely to be victims of an anti-politics vote in the European and county council elections (Absolutely). They can only hope other minor parties such as the Green (As if) party, UKIP (U-seless) or Libertas (who?) benefit, rather than the BNP.”

I think the people of Britain will look at the policies of each of these ''parties'' (BNP being the only real one) and then somehow i can imagine that the BNP's will grip them more than any of the other ''parties'' (of whom are all con artists and lowlifes)

BNP Rule the waves, never will they let our voters be slaves!

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Excellent stuff. I'd love to see this on BBC news, any other party would of likely been allowed to show ths on the news.

The flags in the background are also great, i think every school should have something like that in its classrooms

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''It is a Saxons greatest honour to die in arms, than let their native soil pass under another yolk''

Anonymous Norman Chronicler.

Our ancestors were legendary in battle, and they terrified the Romans in the German forests for centuries. Their war cry ''Ut Ut Ut'' was scary enough to make an opposing force run away. They passed this land to us, their sons, and their sons sons, and so on, carried the duty to defend our land all the way to us. We must nurture it, take care of it, and when the time arises, fight for it. Our Government does not recognise any of this, they obviously do not care for the huge sacrifice our ancestors and indeed our people at present are making for this country. It is time they are gone methinks, because this land is passing under many a mans yolk, BUT ours because of them.

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if we get some of our people elected, and we will, what powers will they have? people are telling me if we do well this is a monumental victory for us, but what actual authority will our elected MP's have?

Im excited to see, very excited. Le Pen and Nick both grilling into left wing nutjobs....:D

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I now can only cross my fingers and hope we pull out of Afghanistan soon before more lives are lost, both British and Afghan. The people who allowed this war to happen need to be put on trial for war crimes. The people they have murdered, the damage they have done to the families of the dead, and indeed Afghanistan itself and our economy is unforgiveable. Our Government are worse than North Korea in my opinion, at least North Korea doesn't lie about being a totalitarian police state.