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As I said its not about replicating what's been done before. The UK wants to pivot away from the EU which accounts for 45% of its exports. Thus trade deals elsewhere need to be ambitious and that cannot be one way, it will involve significant concessions to others.

I stated that Mr Modi's response to Mrs Mays trade overtures was to ask after freer access for its citizens.
India has overtaken the UK to become the world's 5th largest economy, and would be a key part of any Global Britain strategy. They have named part of their price.
If the UK shies away from difficult compromises like these then thin deals will be the order of the day, and Global Britain an empty slogan.

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The world is an amazing place but there are practical limits of geography and resultant greater cultural differences and the facts of where prosperity actually exists. One has to look hard-headedly at the world as it is and be realistic about how things might evolve.

The UK can only realistically trade in substantial volumes with countries where populations have significant amounts of disposable income. And sadly there aren't so many of those.

Vietnam for eg might post impressive growth rates but its average income per head of approx $3000 a year means that its population is a little better able to afford basic necessities. And basic necessities is not something the UK can economically produce for the developing word.

Global Britain sounds great as a soundbite, but the reality is a lot different. Growing Britain's presence is a long slow slog.

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Its not about the past, its about the shape of things to come. If supposedly "Global Britain" wants enhanced trade with RoW then it will require much more ambitions FTAs than there has been in the past.

India wants greater freedom of movement for its people. The USA will want substantial acceptance of its much lower standards for agriculture, and won't be interested in a trade deal where agriculture is left out.

Brexiteer cherry-picking will not be entertained by either, as otherwise its a future with thin limited trade deals.

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This is the usual British Brexiteer "having ones cake and eating it" mentality on display, and its not going to wash with prospective trade partners.
If Britain really wants to do this "Global Britain" thing then sometimes painful concessions re admitting more from India to the UK would have to be made. Otherwise its going to be nothing but thin trade deals as no different to the EU. The RoW is not going to be interested in anything ambitious unless meaningful concessions are possible from the UK.

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And most misogynists happen to be married with children. Not that you are necessarily that, but the "my best friend is", "my wife/husband is" refrain proves nothing.

I state a reality. For Brexiteers it's all about things been done on the UKs terms and RoW is attractive because distance places practical limits on the closeness that's possible. When of course the trade partner (as in India's case) wants as price of greater access something resembling freer movement of people, then RoW starts to look less attractive.

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QD is a very questionable set of tables. The Germans are renowned for engineering excellence and being a high skill economy much more so than the UK. Thus something isn't being reflected in the QS ratings when it's clearly educating its population very well.

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Erasmus students have assignments or dissertations as part of their placements and exams to sit etc.

And it's what our makes of the experience. Obviously a negative spiteful personality like yours has trouble engaging with these concepts and opportunities.

Many Africans and Asian study in the UK Europe or USA because courses of sufficient quality don't exist in their countries for many disciplines. Thus there is likely to be limited suitable places for an exchange student.

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Notions that Brexiteers want to engage with the entire world are a fraud.
The RoW is only favoured on the basis that faraway places can be dealt with at a "safe" distance. Unlike those EU countries close by across the channel. But when India wants enhanced access for more of its citizens to travel, study and work in Britain that enthusiasm for RoW diminishes.

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I will read this with interest, but what point are you trying to make?

Brexiteers, Tories etc all bang on about wanting an immigration policy that attracts the brightest and the best. Many of these students may stay on, or return when they complete their courses, or will form connections with Britain that promotes commerce etc. If the numbers were the other way round the concerns would be of a brain drain.
On this measure its a scheme that works for the UK.

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You made no points. You posted a totally baseless claim for which no substantiation was given. You were making things up, or to be perfectly frank, posting lies.
The only response to lies is to call them and the liar for what they are. That's all.