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A real estate agent you say, I was thinking something more along the lines of tour guide. Maybe it's time I started to move up in the world, a good real estate agent makes much more than a tour guide after all...

Anyway thanks, it means a lot to me.

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I would want to go but in the end I probably wouldn't, I don't think I could leave everything and more importantly everyone behind.

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Gah I must have missed the post were you submit your picture! But then again I didn't actually take the pictures yet...

Oh well they wouldn't have been so awesome anyway, I mean this is what counts as a "castle" where I live:

I also wanted to post a picture of the train station since it kinda nice:

Perhaps I would take a trip to the city where I spent much of my childhood and show off the interesting and I dare say unique clock tower they have:

And maybe their church:

Unfortunately it's still to early to show the Ice-hotel, it isn't rebuilt yet... But it would be cool (pardon the pun) to see with my own eyes (ugh I wanted to say ice there). Anyway here's a link to the wiki about it:

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A magical power list for me would look something like this:

Discord. He can do pretty much whatever he wants. His only known weakness are the elements of harmony and the fact he doesn't really take anything seriously.

Celestia. "Godess" of the sun. Can control the sun but doesn't have absolute power over it since Discord had no problem taking over. Also capable of rising and lowering the moon.

Luna. "Godess" of the moon. Can control the moon but doesn't have absolute power over it since Discord had no problem taking over. Also have the ability to enter dreams.

Twilight. Was one of the most powerful unicorns and is now an alicorn. We don't know how her power have changed but one could assume it increased. Master of spells even as a unicorn and as the video said Starswirl done right.

King Sombra. Enslaved the crystal kingdom and when defeted put a curse on the kindom causing it to wanish for a 1000 years. Probably as strong as or stronger than Twilight was as an unicorn.

Starswirl the Bearded. What the video said. He was smart, inventive and probably a powerful unicorn.Probably similar power as Twilight as a unicorn.

Cadence. Alicorn of Love. Can create a shield over a city state (crystal empire) and keep it up for days with help in some form from Shining. with that as the only comparison she is weak when it comes to alicorns but strong when compared to unicorns.

Shining Armour. Could keep a shield over Canterlot for days while Chrystalis feed of his love. the shield was of a different type than the one used by cadence and only needed to be renewed and not to be cast constantly.

Chrystalis. Queen of the changelings. Can transform and is extremely powerful when she is full of love, however when not her power is probably low and somewhere among powerful unicorns.

Alternative magic users:

Pinkie Pie. Can break physics. no one understands her powers. her lack of regular magic puts her low on the list but it would be difficult for any other pony to defeat her.

Fluttershy. The stare is extremly powerful and can be used to get animals to do what she wants, however is the stare actually magical? could it be that she just make the recipient uncomfortable until they do what she wants? As of now I think it's magical since it haven't failed yet.

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I should have made an unicorn, it makes more sense than a pegasus or earth pony (I kinda wanted to choose one of those, because they fit in better in Equestria). But for some reason I just couldn't pass up the freedom of a Pegasus.

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Probably not, but that's mostly because I wouldn't have thought of watching it without the attention brought on by the fandom (especially from PBS Idea Channel, who I owe my addiction to FiM).

However if I somehow ended up checking it out I would probably watch all episodes available at the time and the forget it for a while before I rediscover it in my bookmarks (seriously things get lost in there...) or somewhere else.

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Crap I wasn't home April 1.. I even play the game almost every day so I would have seen it

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I can't remember where I first heard about MLP: FiM, but a video from pbsideachannel were the one that made me check it out.