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Hey, at least I don't see any misspellings. Even the punctuation is way above average for christians.

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"If they truly believe that Mormonism is a dangerous cult, perhaps they should not vote for Romney."

Christian sheep thinks, "WHAAT?? And vote for the colored muslim socialist from Kenya?? I'd just as soon write in jeezis fer prezident."

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So, what do Muslims do if you call their mother a whore?

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I have a question, rhetorical as I'm sure it is: If I commit blasphemy, or apostacy, or insult the prophet, or engage in homosexual conduct, or commit adultery (only if I were a woman, of course), or any other myriad of offenses in Islam, I have sinned against (their false dead) god, correct? And if I am then punished by being put to death, does that mean I've been punished enough and can now go to (their non-existant) heaven?

I didn't think so...

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I think they're trying that in Africa...

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"...the risks of disclosure in terms of rejection by family and of physical violence from members of the Christian community put the two religions almost on the same level."

Oh, c'mon. Christianity pails in comparison to the barbarism of Islam. Forget rejection by family or threat of personal violence for "apostates," no mainstream christians will chop off your hand for minor theft, no adulterous female will be stoned to death (males? not a problem), no one who wants to leave christianity will be killed. And don't even THINK about what happens to gay people.

Make fun of jesus and christians get all pissed off and say "That's not nice!" Dare to draw mohammud, and there's rioting in the streets and heads chopped off, or another round of this suicide bombing crap.

Islam is FAR worse than christianity.

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Minor quibble: It's time to take back the part of America that the christian loons have already siezed that they are not entitled to, including their usurpation of everything Christmas.

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"What is a battle worthy of you time and effort?"

How about countering outrageous christian BS like "Personhood Amendments?"

How about raising a stink each and every time a US president attends a "National Prayer Breakfast"?

How about calling out religious bigotry, lies and animus over my right to marry my same sex partner?

How about calling out christian dominance and strongarming and jesus bullying by upper classmen at the Air Force Academy over the cadets?

How about ensuring christians don't get taxpayer money for their adoption BUSINESS if they refuse to place needy children in same sex, but otherwise loving and caring homes?

How about relentlessly dogging christian tax exempt status when they pull disallowed and blatantly political BS from their pulpits?

Christmas is a western cultural event. Look at secular Europe! They seem to be able to celebrate Christmas without this tired, perennial, ideological struggle. Christmas is our culture. Get over it. In my opinion, the above examples I outlined are far more important, and indeed, show this silly fight over "Merry Christmas" to be rather small ball.

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"When was the last time you saw a Santa Claus display in April?"

Um, never... that's why Santa Claus is seasonal.

"And the excuse for dismissing their presence, "this country celebrates Christmas", is a pathetic justification."

No, it's reality.

"It's time that displaying such items on public property, especially in government buildings were recognized as just another form of discrimination against those who don't worship Jesus. "

And that's the point: You don't see this jesus BS displayed on public property. I'm just saying that if you did, as long as Santa Claus is there, it's just another fairy tale, so lighten up. There are other battles to pick, and whether you like it or not, the Christmas juggernaut is going nowhere.

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Christian displays at Christmas bother me not one bit, just as long as secular seasonal displays are there, too.

Like it or not, this country celebrates Christmas. And Christmas can be as religious or as secular as you want it to be.

So as long as there is a Santa Claus or Frosty the Snowman display, let the deluded christers have their nativity scene. It's just another fairytale like Santa Claus or Frosty the Snowman or Mickey Mouse.