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My Fluttershy, that I forgot I pre-ordered, is currently stuck in US Postal Hell. We moved recently. We filed a change-of-address form, but the USPS kindly ignored that for this shipment (other letters got redirected okay...). It was sent to our previous house (which was damaged by a fallen tree), and was declared Undeliverable. Current location unknown. Possibly at a local sorting center, which the general public is forbidden to enter. Perhaps will be returned to 4DE. Who knows... the tracking info stopped updating after the nondelivery.

Somewhere, poor Fluttershy is waiting all alone in a dark box...

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Sample Reply

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Ya guys! Starlight Glimmer is totally hiding right in the middle of the picture! Another random background sighting!

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My tablet does something similar. I never tried too hard to fix it yet, but try looking for solutions for "play store error 403" or "play store error 960". Clearing cache, uninstalling the Play Store, removing your Google account, that sorta stuff. (I heard that when you remove your Google account, it might delete all your pictures too, so beware of that...)

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Maybe that's why Discovery Family overlayed those ominous Back to the Future ads....

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Wow it's a musical episode!......Wow Button Mash!.....Wow Diamond Tiara song!.....Wow Diamond Tiara redemption!...WOW CUTIE MARKS!!!!!......

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Someone put a little cheese in his knees!

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It was Mama June. Her cutie mark is Honey Boo Boo. (drops mic) (I rest my case) (Fin.) (Game Over) (playback has ended) (Our princess is in another castle) (dancing is forbidden)

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LOAD "*",8,1 ...That's all the Commodore I know...

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If you're not an Earth Pony, you're cheating.