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Really? Who in their right mind would think this is an outrage?
Everyone knows these OWS people are scum!
That reaction was perfectly appropriate. I couldn't have said it better myself.
Arrogant occupy-protesters like these really do deserve a good dressing down.
Rape is what they do. Rape is all they are about! How is this so hard to understand???
Doesn't the lamestream media pay any attention to the atrocities this movement commits anymore?
Every newspaper should be rife with headlines highlighting the immorality of these pathetic hippies!!!
Destruction of the republic is the only thing this scum is after. And that cannot happen.

This is exactly what needs to happen when one is confronted with this sorry lot of miscreants.
What would be a more appropriate reaction than speaking the the truth to these people?
Every single OWS-site needs, nay, requires a truth-teller like Andrew.
Absolutely no amount of sensible argumentation will work. Loud noises are the only thing they understand.
Killing this "movement" should be every patriot's priority number one.
Even if their enthusiasm is waning and their ranks are thinning, this is not the time for complacency.
Rise up! We shan't be defeated!!!

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“Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West”

Starring Kiefer Sutherland.

And exactly whose obsession are we talking about here?

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Seems like the muslin anti-pork stance has upset the pigs.

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Chris Christie is so fat that I think we're all under his impression.

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"Loses in Just One Step Along This Path" is Sarah Palin's middle name...

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"Romney himself prefers long chastity underwear, worn inside out, with the buttons on the inside to make access by others more difficult. "

Why would you need buttons on Magic Underwear? They're magic after all...

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I think I know what you mean... The will be a bass player, right?

I'll wank to that!

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“People are interested in watching people do things, I guess”

That is basically why I watch porn, I guess.

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Do you remember when Randy Marsh got that Wheel of Fortune answer horribly wrong? This fucker would have yelped out the same answer with twice the gusto when there was nothing but N_ _ _ _ _ _ on the board...

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"But he was always so polite and kept mostly to himself," said the dozens and dozens of neighbours that live in the vicinity of Romney's various houses all over the country...