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ya i no but this time i think we both jus want sumtin casual...perhaps jus for d summer months...feels lik we av unfinished business....but tanx mark!

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ya dat sounds lik sum gud advice...its worth a shot neway!Thanx!

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thank you

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I really feel lik life has come to an utter standstill.I have never felt this low before.Nothing very serious has happened at all but lately I often stop for a few minutes when I'm in school,talking to my parents or out with my friends,and I step back and think my this all there is?are these the teenage memories I went to have wen I',m looking back on my life?
The thing is,I'm known for being happy!I am the hyper giggly girl who is always smiling!In my yearbook this year,What ppl say they will remember me for is for laughing and being smiley!But I just can't find anything to smile about lately.And I see everybody around me at the best age in their lives and they are having the best time in life.I am trying to disguise my sadness for everybodys sake....I dont want to get others down at all....but I'm finding it hard to pretend theres nothing wrong

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its just that I want the fairytale so much and it seems to me that so many of my frends have experienced or are living their fantasy!I have just 4 months left in skool but i have given up on findin a skool romance!I think I'm guna try to go with the flow haha.......and TRY not to let the books and films influence me!!!Thank you so much for takin the time to explain how things went for you!!you have sort of given me hope that if you stop waiting around 4 the fairytrale,it wil come in its own time!!!Thank you Destinee

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The fact that you have been in the same position really helps!!I know what you mean when you say stop looking but in a way I feel as if I havent been looking...just waiting!I dont rush into relationships at all because when I meet a guy I wil have decided in a day if he is what I've been waiting for or not!I used to do that tho...I used to try to make myself love someone because I wanted the dream so bad but after getting my heart broken recently I know have come to the decision that until that guy that my heart seems to be waiting for comes along,no other relationship is worthwhile.This way I'm not hurting myself or any guy but this way I feel twice as lonely.I do think your rite tho....I have to be realistic when it comes to books and films.....,

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don't wory bout the essay..I'l take all the advice I can get!!Thanks for the advice!!But I really dont see myself liking any of my frends but I spose thats how u felt at the start too.It's just weird the way I can look at someone and know thats not who I'm lookin for!!Its like I know who my heart isnt lookin for but then again I dont know who it is I am lookin for either!I wil definately take your advice tho and try to open my eyes abit more!!Thank a million VanessaLouise!

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I disagree with melissa,no offence to her but I am one of those girls.I am a big fan of romantic movies and novels and more recently,like you,the twilight series (still tryin to find my edward tho!!haha!!) .I don't see them as mere stories...I see them as hopes and dreams....things to reach for.I don't care if I sound silly but I stil believe in love because these stories have to come from somewhere,not just peoples imagination.It sounds to me as tho Stephanie Meyers book described feelings that you can relate to.I think you need to think very hard about what you want rather than what you should do.It seems to me that the feelings you have for this guy are still very strong and may be too hard to just push aside or sweep under the rug.If you find that they are I think you need to contact this guy and get some closure.....the wondering is not guna do you any help.You either try long distance relationship or you find out he doesn't feel the same and finally get over him.But I also hope that you are not creating feelings because the book makes you lonely.I hope I've been a bit of help!!!GOOD LUCK

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haha...i can see u now,don't worry!!:)

well you hit the nail on the head with that comment!I've been waitin for a guy to light up my life big time........but its freaky coz its like I'm waitin for someone in particular,but I dont know who or what they're like!!I realise that I still do have feelings for someone but I don't want to have them,its just taking me awhile to forget him.I just hope that the feelings of loneliness are not for him,I may have been in love but I can safely say he wasn't.I think because I now know what it feels like to be in love,that I'm extra lonely coz I had a taste of love but it was taken away.I'm afraid tho that if I wait to fall in love with someone who truely loves me back then I will be waitin for a long time.But I wish that someone would hurry up and come along soon.....cant take the feelin of bein alone...

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hey daniel..I'm Clio!!I've only been on this bout a month so I'm kinda new 2!feel free 2 rant bout anything wenevr you lik,dats wat I do anyway...hehe!!I no wat you mean bout life by the way......nothing really serious has happened to me but i feel so blank sum of the time that I need other ppls perspectives or sumtimes..I jus want a chat!!comment anytime!happy blogging by the way!!!:)