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God no, please no Lex, silly or otherwise. I hate how much they have rehashed him already. I agree, PLEASE bring on some different super villains for Superman, just DO NOT try and mesh a whole bunch in like they tried with Batman & Robin *shudders* - beyond ALL of the other problems with that movie, having so many different major characters was horrible because there was no time to develop them or their motivations.

You know, though I’ve only watched the new Superman twice, I didn’t find him creepy. Oh ok, sure, peeping through the wall at Lois, I guess that might have some creep value, but hey the guy lost out on the woman of his dreams because he was outta town. That’s gotta sit roughly, even with a superman.

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Ahh, now I'm amused. Got some great visuals for that piece, wish I had a moment to sketch them out. But it'll have to wait.

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<...continued, because I hit my word limit> Though entranced by the story and initially promised some supernatural presence, I began to wonder, "Where's the magic?" I'm certainly glad I didn't put it down. The politics of the series were something I had never read (Wheel of Time comes close at times), and certainly expanded my imagination.

In answer to your question, as to how to better choose something new...I - have - no - idea. But if you figure it out, I bet you can use that to better sell your own books/stories. I suppose I do have one idea: Word-of-mouth. But we already knew THAT.

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I'm the same way. I get very nervous choosing a new book to read. I don't like to start something and have it turn out to be a dissapointment. I've gotten lucky plenty of times, and in the case of "Song of Ice and Fire" it was by a store clerk recommendation. I didn't know the guy, but he had such an apparent affinity for the WoT books (of which I was purchasing one at the time) that I thought, "Maybe he knows what I like."

I think it all goes to wanting to read a certain kind of book. When we have read something enjoyable, we want to recreate that experience again, though we don't want it to be the same. Seeking that out can lead to dissapointment, and I have many times gone bookless for a while debating what to read next. This has also led to many re-reads of favorites. That said, it is very fulfilling when you read something you wouldn't have normally, only to find that it is INCREDIBLE. For instance with "Song of Ice & Fire" (isn't there a handy acronym to use? SoIF?) I wanted swords and sorcery. <to be continued...>

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Deal! But, I've got no plans to make a trip to Colorado any time soon, so don't hold your breath. Barring a wonderful job offer of course (hint, hint).

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Seems like a pretty good nerdly list. I've never taken to Blues though, but I won't hold it against you. ;-)

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Best one...ever.

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Good to hear an update on the novel. I was wondering how it was progressing. I can relate, when I was going through the second draft on mine. I called my first draft "done" without actually finishing up some scenes. Took a lot longer than I had hoped to go back through and rectify. But I think it all pulled together. Going through for the third draft will be the true test though.

Very interested in the new podcast, will check it out as soon as I can.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out.

Well it's not that it's too long, it just might be longer than the availability of the average listener. I figure it's better to leave your audience wanting more than the alternative. One of the great things about the Writing Excuses podcast is that it is SO short, you almost never have an excuse that you can't listen to it.

If they go to a pay-per-view model, they better get more content. As it is, I would never pay for what they have. Unless there just so happened to be something on that I really wanted to see. Yeah, I really don't get why the networks don't have all of their content online. If they got paid for it already and can eke out a little more from advertising dollars online, what's wrong with that? Why limit it? I think with the lower resolution, true fans will ALWAYS go for the DVD series compilations, so it's not like they need to limit it to avoid fans not purchasing the DVD seasons. But hey, I'm not a network exec, so I guess I don't know anything ;-). They know all...we are mere mortals trying not to trip on our brutish dangling arms as we walk.

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Good points on NASA. I've been pretty out of touch with recent occurrences for them...and for that matter pretty much any news. Been too busy trying to get my book done. It's nice to feel back up to speed on it though. I feel better now after having seen that brief headline about Obama pulling funding. I didn't have a chance to read the article, and now it makes absolute sense to me. You're right. We need to move forward. We can't just live in the Golden Days, we have to make New Days and move forward. There may not be initial interest from the public, but that will come. This is not a competition for Twitter followers. It's about advancing the Space Age.

Seems like 99¢ should work just fine for TV shows. $1.99 seems nice too, but then I don't buy TV, I either watch it streaming on the network websites or HULU, or I don't watch it - because we don't have cable and we don't get reception...currently.

Good podcast overall. A bit long for my taste. I usually write on the way to work in the morning, so listening and typing don't really work. If you haven't checked out the Writing Excuses podcasts yet I'd recommend them. Part of their great appeal is that they are so short. They keep it to about 15 minutes which makes a listen very easy. If you like the longer format perhaps you could have a mix of both short and long?